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Substance abuse in America has surged to alarming levels. Whether it’s opioids, alcohol, or other drugs, the ripple effect of addiction leads to shattered families, economic strain, and a rising toll on public health. 

Also, people across the country grapple with the challenges of living with a mental illness. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reports that 1 in 5 American adults has some form of mental illness. 

Many of those struggling with addiction and mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression, do not receive the proper care they need due to financial barriers. 

The need for insurance coverage for rehab in Los Angeles has never been greater. 

At Harmony Place, the goal is for clients to focus on healing rather than how they will pay for it. That’s why Carelon rehab in Los Angeles is available to those who need it. Knowing and understanding the process of getting necessary help can be life-changing for those who need it.

What is Carelon?

With over 150 years of combined experience with its founders, Carelon is a highly motivated insurance carrier seeking to change the face of healthcare coverage in America. 

As a young company founded in 2022, Carelon aims to provide health care insurance for those who need it in all 50 states. Furthermore, as a subsidiary of Elevance Health with over 40,000 employees, Carelon Insurance delivers healthcare to 1 in 3 individuals nationwide.

Does Carleon Cover Rehab in Los Angeles? 

Yes, Carelon covers rehab and a wide range of addiction treatments. Carelon rehab in Los Angeles, CA,  is available for those who need it. 

Based on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) signed into law in 2010, addiction treatment must be an option that all insurance companies offer. Whether through an employer or sought by an individual, Carelon Behavioural Health is an option that all Carelone insurance policies must comply with under the ACA. 

Carelon strives to provide whole-person care that covers all facets of substance abuse. For example, Carelon Behavioural Health provides coverage for addiction treatment so those who need this service can get the care they need and regain control of their lives. Carelon rehab in Los Angeles includes detoxification and continued care as covered options.

It can be overwhelming to seek help for substance abuse and deal with insurance companies. However, the staff at Harmony Hills is ready to offer personalized service and find detailed coverage specifics for anyone who needs help. 

Does Carelon Cover Mental Health Treatment?

In accordance with the ACA, Carelon Behavioural Health covers a range of behavioral health needs, including mental health treatment. 

Whether it’s stress and anxiety or depression management and counseling, Carelon covers the needs of those struggling with mental health while providing the proper tools to deal with the stigma and myths of mental illness and coping with the difficulties that come with healing. 

Additionally, Carelon Behavioural Health offers crisis solutions and help for extreme mental health conditions such as panic disorders and suicidal thoughts. 

Keep in mind that every Carelon will differ based on the individual situations. That’s why the Harmony Hills Carelon rehab team in Los Angeles is ready to help those seeking treatment get the necessary answers. 

What About Out-of-Pocket Expenses?

It’s common knowledge that most insurance companies have a deductible. A member is responsible for a certain amount before the insurance pays in whole or part. However, a deductible is not always an upfront out-of-pocket expense and shouldn’t deter someone from receiving the needed help.

Most centers will offer options for covering deductibles when seeking rehab in Los Angeles or other mental health or addiction help. The verification process at Harmony Hills will help lay out the best approach for each client based on their personal situations. 

Receiving treatment for a substance abuse disorder, mental health, or a co-occurring (dual-diagnosis) disorder is potentially a life-or-death matter for some individuals, depending on the severity of their condition. Financial worries and the struggles of substance abuse or mental illness are tough on anyone in this situation. 

The high cost of treatment of treatment should never prevent someone from getting the help that they need. Carelon and Harmony Hills rehab in Los Angeles offers options for getting quality, professional care without financial strain. 

Covering the Cost of Rehab in Los Angeles with Carelon

Remember that the high cost of treatment is a fact of life whether one is seeking help in a private or public rehab facility. Therefore, several factors can dictate how much an individual struggling with addiction must pay to get their life back on track.

Some of the factors to consider that will affect the cost of rehab in Los Angeles include:


  • Type of amenities offered
  • Location of the rehab facility
  • Length of the rehab program
  • Size of the program in the rehab facility
  • Participation in medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Taking part in addiction counseling


Harmony Place is among the premier drug and alcohol rehab centers in Los Angeles, CA. Located on a private, scenic tree-lined street in a residential area of San Fernando Valley, Harmony Place is a co-ed facility that treats a maximum of 12 clients. 

Therefore, clients can expect a tailored treatment plan for their unique needs. While treatment and recreational facilities are shared, sleeping accommodations are gender specific and located in separate quarters. 

Get in Touch Today

We understand that finding the best treatment center to meet your needs or those of your loved one can be challenging and overwhelming. 

Furthermore, we also understand that dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating and overwhelming.

Rest assured that regardless of insurance coverage, Harmony Place rehab in Los Angeles offers additional payment plans and options.

Carelon is one of the insurance companies offered at the facility with the goal of making the insurance process as seamless and as stress-free as possible.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards health and happiness but aren’t sure where to begin, we’re here to help.

Please get started by simply filling out the form on our admissions page.  An insurance specialist from Harmony Place will confidentially verify your coverage and contact you within 24 hours to review your coverage.