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Addiction Recovery Team

Addiction Recovery Team

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Meet The HarmonyPlace AddictionRecovery Team

Harmony Place provides excellent recovery treatment delivered by our carefully selected clinicians, consultants and support staff. Personalized addiction treatment begins with our dedicated team of experienced professionals who attend to client needs from admission to discharge. It is our goal to provide a safe, comfortable setting to undertake the work of recovery.

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Founder & CEO
Jeffrey H. Schwartz
Founder & CEO

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 30 years of experience in the addiction field.

After earning my Master’s degree at Tulane University, I spent seven years in New Orleans as a therapist with the Masters and Johnson Sexual trauma/Dissociative Disorders Unit at River Oaks Psychiatric Hospital. I moved to California to become the program director of a national program specializing in eating disorders and chemical dependency. I have been involved in private practice, hospital and program consulting, clinical and program direction, Los Angeles and Ventura County psychiatric crisis teams, and I spent two years as a case manager with a national behavioral health insurance company.

In an administrative capacity, I served as CEO, executive director and administrator of four different residential drug/alcohol/mental health treatment centers and two eating disorder programs. I was responsible for the opening, licensing and credentialing, which involved two different state departments, and the certification for national accreditation through JCAHO.

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Addiction takes lives. Harmony saves lives.

Our blog aims to share information on addiction and recovery that informs, educates and inspires. Join us in our fight against addiction.