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Jeffrey H. Schwartz

Founder and CEO

LCSW (LCS18233)
Jeffrey H. Schwartz

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years of experience in the addiction field.

After earning my Master’s degree at Tulane University, I spent seven years in New Orleans as a therapist with the Masters and Johnson Sexual Trauma/ Dissociative Disorders Unit at River Oaks Psychiatric Hospital. I moved to California to become the program director of a national program specializing in eating disorders and chemical dependency. I have been involved in private practice, hospital and program consulting, clinical and program director, I served on Los Angeles and Ventura County psychiatric crisis teams, and I spent two years as a case manager with a national behavioral health insurance company.

In an administrative capacity, I have served as CEO, executive director, and administrator of four different residential drug/ alcohol/mental health treatment centers and two eating disorder programs. I was responsible for the opening, licensing, and credentialing, which involved two different state departments, and the certification for national accreditation through JCAHO and CARF.

With the advent of Harmony Place, we have combined a scientific and research-based philosophy of treatment integrating both neuro-engineering and brain mapping with DBT, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, and experiential/expressive arts, to bring about something quite different and refreshing. With this comes the concept of individualized treatment. Harmony Place offers a treatment plan which includes one-on-one therapy every day because it is imperative that clients are able to process their thoughts, feelings and anxiety daily with a therapist.

At Harmony Place, an emphasis on structured family therapy and strong aftercare serve to strengthen the opportunity for long-term recovery. More indirect therapies have proven to be extremely resourceful in finding the root of one’s addiction or determining the meaning of the symptom. We believe that when one accepts the concept of addiction as a chronic disorder with a loss of ‘spirit’ and combines this with an evidence based assessment tool like neuro-engineering and intense psychotherapy, good nutrition, exercise, life skills, adjunctive and educational therapies, and excellent medication management, this will prove to be the true answer to long term recovery. In addition, Harmony Place places a firm emphasis on the discharge plan, which often includes the 12 Steps, a strong relapse prevention program, and a caring, nurturing environment where clients feels safe in self-disclosure.

Today’s research stresses the critical importance of simultaneously treating both the addiction and the behavioral health problem, a co-occurring disorder. This is the true test of the recovery process, where the healing begins and the underlying problems are discovered. I draw upon my many years of experience in the addiction field to lead Harmony Place with inspiration, enthusiasm and a real desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Our goal is to help clients explore, decipher, and heal from the pain and suffering – the self-loathing and addiction that has made their lives unbearable.