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At Harmony Place, our goal is to create recovery processes and treatment programs that are accessible to everyone. That’s why we work with a wide range of insurance companies and other healthcare resources to provide quality care with a professional treatment team, no matter your income level. Our Beacon treatment center may be the fit for you!

Beacon Health Options is one of the insurance providers accepted at our treatment facility. The goal of Beacon Health Options is to give residents the ability to access necessary mental and behavioral health care services to address mental illness and addiction. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, many health insurance companies now cover mental health care and addiction treatment as necessary services.

People who currently use Beacon Health Options or plan to enroll can find valuable addiction treatment benefits. Harmony Place is pleased to accept Beacon Health Options insurance plans for some addiction treatment services. Just like all insurance providers, it is important to understand Beacon Health and the provisions it offers before beginning your recovery journey.



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Understanding What You Need

What Is Beacon Health?

Beacon Health Options was the result of two smaller companies merging in 1998. The company’s mission is to help people live life to the fullest by improving access to behavioral, physical, and social health care and healing, and helping individuals manage mental health disorders, including addiction. Beacon Health Options works to improve the well-being of its members and strives to help them cope with substance use disorders and mental health conditions. That vision led to partnerships with recovery programs, such as those offered by Harmony Place.

Beacon Health Options is especially committed to mental health care, and works to provide services to individuals who can benefit from this type of treatment. Additionally, Beacon Health Options works with the Stamp Out Stigma program, which is a program that aims to end the stigma associated with mental health care. Customer service is available 24/7 to members.

Does Beacon Health Help Cover a Substance Disorder Treatment Program?

Coverage through Beacon Health Options depends on the specific plan. There are several types of plans available in the state, and each one has different provisions. Note that provisions may be subject to change from one year to the next.

Depending on the type of plan a person has, Beacon typically covers some inpatient and outpatient services. For example, a plan may cover screening, detoxresidential treatment, and outpatient treatment for ongoing care. Additionally, some plans may cover medication for medication-assisted treatment when a professional deems it necessary. Below are some of the forms of plans that Beacon Health Options offers:

  • HMOs require participants to receive in-network care only.
  • PPOs may cover some out-of-network care along with in-network care.
  • POS plans may offer more out-of-network coverage through physician referrals.
If any of this criteria sounds like you, please get in touch with us for help: (888) 997-2112
here is what you should know

Understanding In-Network Care for Addiction Treatment Programs

People who have health insurance can seek treatment at an addiction treatment facility with or without insurance. For insured individuals, it is important to know if a facility’s services are out-of-network or in-network care. If a facility is an out-of-network provider, it means that the health insurance company may not cover some or all services.

However, the insurer will cover the services outlined in the policy, according to limits or percentages. This applies as long as the facility accepts the coverage and is an in-network provider.

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Beacon Health Will Help Cover the Cost of Treatment at Harmony Place

Harmony Place is proud to accept insurance coverage from Beacon Health and several other insurers. The two main forms of addiction treatment that Beacon Health covers and Harmony Place accepts are detox and return-to-clinic, or RTC, orders.

Detox Services

Detox is the first step of addiction treatment. It involves a person staying in a facility 24/7 for a specific period. During that time, the individual is under the supervision of medical professionals. They administer medications and provide support with daily activities to help people feel more comfortable while their bodies naturally remove toxic substances. Detox programs may include exercise, nutrition, counseling, and holistic therapies while people start on the path to recovery.

RTC Services

A return-to-clinic (or RTC) order is something that a mental health professional can issue. It means that a patient still needs additional care and must return to the facility for treatment. This often applies to the outpatient structure of treatment. In outpatient treatment, people who need addiction treatment meet with a therapist at a clinic or facility.

The duration and frequency of sessions depend on several factors. For example, someone who lives in an unsupportive home environment or is a high relapse risk may need frequent and longer treatment sessions. However, a person who has a lower relapse risk or has a supportive home environment may not need as many outpatient treatment sessions. When a clinician determines that a person must return for additional services, Beacon Health Options may cover the necessary services as outlined on the insured person’s policy.

Absolutely the best recovery center around.

I am forever grateful to have had this experience. I would recommend anyone who wanted help to come here. This place literally saved my life. I have overcome so many obstacles that always stood in the way of my recovery. It’s not just because I was ready… the approaches the therapists use come from an empathetic, compassionate, and understanding place. They were able to hold the mirror up and help guide me through making solid changes.

Daniel H.
August 2017

This place literally saved my life.

After overdosing, my parents forced me to check into rehab.After interviewing many other facilities, I decided to go to Harmony Place from my home in Phoenix. I was struggling with…a drug addiction and had been trying for years to recover. In the past, left 2 treatment centers AMA and 1 AWOL. I had very negative experiences in the other treatment facilities, especially with my therapists, so I didn’t go in with an open mind or good attitude- even though they worked with my parents regarding finances. However, the staff was patient with me. The techs were kind, knowledgeable, and many were in recovery themselves.

Mary M.

They Answered on the First Call

When I called Harmony Place…I knew immediately that this was the right place for my child… Harmony Place is specifically designed for…and tailored to providing a safe environment. The staff [are knowledgeable and some are in recovery]. The staff knew each client and were on top of each client’s progress. Harmony Place has a small clientele and each client are able to receive all the help they were entitled to. I would recommend Harmony Place to anyone who is looking for a small setting… My daughter is currently going into sober living and her counselors did a wonderful job in finding a right fit for her – affordable, safe and a good environment for her.


I've Been Searching for the Perfect Words...

I left Harmony Place in August of 2015 and I have been searching for the perfect words to describe my experience during my stay; and still I can’t really find them. How do you really describe a place with a staff and a program that saved you? Addiction is a terrible thing to go through and a heart breaking thing for your loved ones to watch. Many people, including myself go into different treatment centers throughout their addiction searching for ways to find recovery. Nothing worked for me, not the 5 rehab stays I had, then, I came here.

Dominique C.
we are here for you

Paying for Services That Are Not Covered

If a Beacon Health Options plan does not cover certain services at a treatment facility, Harmony Place will do everything possible to help you receive the treatment you need! For more information on how we can work with you without Beacon Health Options or other types of insurance, reach out. We are here to support you on this journey and help make mental health and substance use disorder treatment more accessible to you.

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Addiction Treatment at Harmony Place

If you or a loved one has Beacon Health Options and needs addiction treatment, our facility is here to help. In addition to Beacon Health, we accept plans from several other major insurance companies. Our goal is to provide supportive care to people while they do the hard work of getting on the road to recovery. With our detox, inpatient, and outpatient services, we equip people with the tools to beat addiction.

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