Compsych Insurance for Addiction Treatment

The journey to recovery comes with a wide range of challenges, but worrying about the financial burden of addiction treatment shouldn’t be one of them! At Harmony Place, it is our goal for you to put your full attention or recovery, and not feel overwhelmed by the cost of treatment. In order to do this, we readily work with a wide range of insurance providers, including Compsych insurance, to ensure you can get the help you need.

Harmony Place is highly confidential, and Compsych plans are accepted, making treatment much more affordable. Reach out to us at any time to learn if your insurance provider will cover some of the treatment costs at Harmony Place, and how we can assist in making treatment more accessible to you.

What is Compsych Insurance?

Compsych is one of the world’s largest providers of employee assistance programs, and it offers wellness and behavioral health services to many entities. Compsych is an Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, which means it works with companies to provide additional care for their employees. One of the benefits provided by Compsych is addiction treatment and services for other mental health needs.

Compsych commits to quality service, and as a result, services are constantly changing to treat customers with integrity. This insurance provider stays ahead of world-changing changes and adapts to the needs of companies and their employees.

Compsych Works with Rehab Facilities

Coverage options can be challenging to understand, but we are here to help! A representative at our facility will be able to answer any questions and will address any concerns, and can work directly with Compsych to ensure you are getting the care you need.

Compsych prioritizes the well-being of the person as most important, which is why both addiction and mental health treatments are included with coverage.

Does an Addiction Treatment Center Have to be In-Network?

Compsych works with in-network addiction treatment centers. Therefore, it offers care coverage within facilities with programs that accept Compsych insurance, such as Harmony Place. Compsych covers up to 80 percent of hospitalization at in-network facilities.

Most times, an individual can obtain a list of treatment centers for addiction and mental health or locations covered by their insurance plan, including the programs covered. This makes it easier to pinpoint a place that will help an individual begin the recovery process in either mental health or any addiction treatment program.

Compsych Insurance Plan Details

There are several substance abuse treatment facilities that accept Compsych. However, it is essential to comprehend that individual plans vary. In other words, coverage and cost will differ according to where the person lives. It is best to contact Compsych and uncover the benefits included directly. 

Compsych Coverage for Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment

In addition to substance abuse treatment, many Compsych coverage plans cover co-occurring or dual diagnosis treatments. Co-occurring disorders are common among those who suffer from substance abuse. An individual who lives with a behavioral health disorder and a substance misuse problem at the same time receives a dual diagnosis since drug abuse is commonly found with other mental health conditions.

Medical Detox Coverage

Most Compsych plans offer a certain amount of coverage for detox. To discover what is covered under your specific Compsych plan, reach out to us directly! We can help you determine whether medical detox is included in your drug rehab coverage.

Is Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Covered?

Every Compsych plan has unique details. In most instances, this provider offers care for many treatment options for addiction and mental health, and in some cases, both inpatient and outpatient therapy may be covered. However, the monetary amount of insurance coverage depends on network providers and individual plans. To avoid unnecessary expenses, a member must be pre-approved before admission into a rehab facility.

Seeking Help at Harmony Place in Woodland Hills

When a person needs assistance with a substance misuse problem or a mental health issue, the expert team at Harmony Place is entirely confidential and can help. Our facility offers a tranquil setting for detox and additional treatment for sustainable sobriety and accepts a variety of insurance plans, including Compsych.

Our admissions team guides new patients through the absence management services and payment process so that they can concentrate on recovery. Our priority is to ensure that individuals gain tools that help them achieve long-term sobriety. For more information, contact us today!

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