Compsych Insurance for Addiction Treatment

When a person begins the journey toward recovery from a drug use disorder, there are challenges along the way. In fact, it is common to feel some level of uncertainty or to have some fears. In particular, some individuals may feel shame or guilt. As a result, these emotions prevent people from seeking assistance.

Also, some people experience financial struggles that prevent them from receiving professional treatment. Some rehab facilities are extremely expensive. Therefore, people do not feel as though a rehab center fits into their budgets. In reality, certain insurance providers cover some of the rehab costs. It is vital to check with the rehab facility and to inquire about the insurance plans that are accepted. At Harmony Place, we accept Compsych plans. Certainly, this makes treatment much more affordable.

What is Compsych Insurance?

Compsych is one of the largest employer assistance program providers. It offers wellness and behavioral health services to a multitude of entities. Compsych is an EAP, which means that it works with companies to provide benefits to workers. Therefore, employees who require care for addiction or other health needs can gain assistance through the employer’s partnership with Compsych.

Compsych has a commitment to quality service. As a result, services are always changing in order to treat customers with integrity. This insurance provider stays ahead of changes in the business world and adapts to the needs of companies and their employees.

compsych insurance for drug rehabCompsych Works with Rehab Facilities to Provide Access to Treatment

It is fairly common for individuals to question the coverage options of their insurance plans. Part of the problem is the difficulty of comprehending the benefits, terms and conditions, and other aspects of coverage. If a person has Compsych, he or she should no longer feel stressed. Instead, he or she can simply consult with the company. A representative will be able to answer any questions and will address any concerns. In most cases, both addiction and mental health treatments are included with coverage.

Does an Addiction Treatment Center Have to be In-Network?

Individuals who require healthcare may wonder if it is necessary to receive treatment from an in-network provider. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand an individual plan or policy. However, it is helpful to uncover what type of care Compsych offers and where a person can go for drug misuse disorder treatment.

Compsych works with in-network addiction treatment centers. Therefore, it offers coverage for care within facilities that have special arrangements with this insurance provider. In other words, if a person chooses an out-of-network provider, Compsych may not offer as much coverage. Compsych covers up to 80 percent of hospitalization at in-network facilities. On the other hand, it may cover up to 60 percent at non-network hospitals.

Most times, an individual will be able to obtain a list of treatment centers or the locations that are covered by his or her insurance plan. Therefore, this makes it is easier to pinpoint a place that will help an individual begin the recovery process. By all means, it is essential to regain a life of sobriety in the long term.

Compsych Insurance Plan Details

Certainly, there are quite a few substance use treatment facilities that accept Compsych insurance plans. However, it is essential to comprehend that individual plans vary. In other words, coverage will be different according to where the person lives. It is best to directly contact Compsych and to uncover the benefits that are included. 

A representative can inform a person about the amount of coverage provided and how to take advantage of the benefits. Also, he or she may be able to list facilities that take this type of insurance. At Harmony Place, we accept Compsych. This means that we work with a person to gain the treatment that he or she needs.

compsych insuranceCompsych Insurance Coverage for Behavioral Health Treatment

While a person suffers from addiction, it is possible that he or she suffers from other disorders as well. In fact, co-occurring disorders are common among those who suffer from substance abuse. An individual who lives with a behavioral health disorder and a substance misuse problem at the same time receives a dual diagnosis. Drug abuse is commonly found with other disorders.

In general, the above kinds of behavioral conditions require medicine to control. As a result, certain people become addicted. This leads to isolation, shame, and guilt. Therefore, it is essential to have professional medical help while dealing with these challenges. Compsych comprehends the need for solid mental and behavioral care. As a result, the company offers a program that helps to manage the price of treatment.

Medical Detox Coverage

The first step of any drug misuse treatment program involves the stage of detox. Depending on the severity of the problem, a person may require medical assistance. Indeed, it is possible to undergo in-patient therapy or to attend a PHP, IOP, or regular outpatient program.

To clarify, a Compsych plan offers a certain amount of coverage for detox. However, it varies by the facility that is providing treatment. A person is advised to speak with the company to discuss individual benefits.

Is Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Covered?

Again, every Compsych plan has unique details. In most instances, this provider offers care for a multitude of treatment options for addiction. In other words, both in-patient and outpatient therapy may be covered. However, the monetary amount of coverage depends on network providers and individual plans. To avoid unnecessary expenses, it is essential for a member to be pre-approved before admission into a rehab facility.

Seeking Help at Harmony Place in Woodland Hills

When a person needs assistance with a substance misuse problem, the expert team at Harmony Place can help. Our Woodland Hills facility offers a tranquil setting for detox and further drug treatment. We hire certified therapists and other medical professionals who provide top services. We accept a variety of insurance plans, including Compsych.

Our team guides new patients through the payment process so that they can concentrate on recovery. Our priority is to make sure that individuals gain tools that help them achieve long-term sobriety. For more information, contact us today!