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At Harmony Place, your recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is our top priority! That’s why we work directly with several insurance companies to ensure that you are not prevented from receiving the addiction treatment services you need because of the cost. Learn more about our options United Healthcare rehab coverage.

United Healthcare is one of the insurance options that many patients consider using when receiving drug or alcohol treatment at Harmony Place. Most United Healthcare plans are provided by an employer, and although the specific terms of United Healthcare plans can vary, most plans can provide similar coverage for patients seeking addiction treatment. Read on to learn about how United Healthcare rehab coverage options can help you on your journey to sobriety.

What Is United Health Insurance Coverage?

United Healthcare is one of the leading U.S. health insurance providers. The company is the second-largest healthcare provider in the United States, and millions of patients have insurance plans through United Healthcare.

As with most insurance companies, United Healthcare offers a wide variety of plans. In general, most patients have United Healthcare’s basic plan provided through their place of employment. This plan covers most treatments related to substance abuse, but it is always a good idea to contact your insurance company directly to understand what coverage is provided for addiction treatment.

united healthcare substance abuse treatmentUnited Healthcare Plans: Resources for Addiction Treatment Services

United Healthcare has a division called United Behavioral Health that is dedicated to helping patients with mental disorders to get back on their feet, and this can often apply to drug and alcohol treatment. United Healthcare substance abuse treatment will vary between each individual plan, so it is important that each individual connects with their plan provider to thoroughly understand what levels of support their insurance will cover.

Substance Abuse Treatment that Aligns with Your Insurance Benefits

When you seek treatment for a substance use disorder, doctors will usually recommend that you receive a series of treatments. At first, patients often require inpatient detoxification services to get harmful substances out of their system. When this process is complete, patients can begin inpatient or outpatient rehab, depending on what is recommended by the addiction specialist. All of these treatments can be covered under most United Healthcare plans.

When seeking assistance with addiction treatment, it is important to understand that your preferred provider organization ultimately determines what coverage you receive. The PPO sets coverage limits and determines how much you will have to pay out of pocket.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that many plans require you to receive “pre-certification” before pursuing care. If you fail to get pre-certification, you risk having to pay for your services out of pocket. Therefore, it is important to bring up pre-certification requirements when talking to your addiction treatment provider to ensure you receive the coverage you need.

Inpatient Treatment Coverage With United Healthcare

In general, most patients with United Healthcare plans can qualify for inpatient rehab if the right conditions are met. However, the specific coverage you can receive is on a case-by-case basis.

All United Healthcare plans cover short-term inpatient substance abuse care. The only United Healthcare plan that does not cover inpatient rehab is United Healthcare’s Short-Term Medical Value plan. Patients with any other United Healthcare insurance policy can receive care for their substance use disorder.

If you have a Short-Term Medical Plus plan or a relatively comprehensive United Healthcare plan, you will usually have to pay a deductible of about 20 percent. In some cases, the deductible can be as high as 30 percent for patients seeking to receive United Healthcare rehab coverage. Once you have fully paid your deductible, you can receive full United Healthcare rehab coverage for the remaining cost of your care.

Outpatient Care With United Healthcare Plans

The coverage patients can receive for outpatient rehab under a United Healthcare plan is mostly the same as the coverage offered for inpatient care, but as previously mentioned, this will be determined on a plan-by-plan basis by your insurance provider.

If you plan to use appointment-based outpatient care, United Healthcare covers a maximum of $50 per appointment. All United Healthcare plans also limit the number of appointments patients can qualify to receive coverage for. The maximum number of appointments patients can attend varies widely based on which plan a patient has.

Additionally, addiction patients seeking outpatient United Healthcare drug rehab coverage also have to meet their deductible before receiving coverage. Since coverage limits are about the same for outpatient care, many patients choose inpatient treatment options when their healthcare provider can authorize inpatient care.

Harmony Place Works With Your Insurance Coverage

At Harmony Place, we are proud to accept United Healthcare insurance and look forward to working with you to ensure you receive the highest quality of addiction treatment possible. Harmony Place offers a comfortable home-like atmosphere for addiction patients to begin their path to recovery.

When you choose our facility, you can recover in an environment that encourages you to see the beauty that sober living can offer. Our caring staff members encourage your recovery in every interaction, and we keep patients engaged throughout the day with group therapy, individual therapy, and a wide range of activities. We also work with our patients closely to ensure they will leave rehab with the education, environment, and support network necessary to minimize their chances of relapsing. 

For questions on how we work with insurance, or what type of program may be the best fit for you or your loved one, reach out to Harmony Place today. Allow us to help you begin your journey to a full and sustainable recovery. We look forward to walking with you!

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