Aetna Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Here at Harmony Place, we accept many types of insurance plans to cover the cost of rehab. Aetna is one of the insurance companies we work with here at our facility. So, if you desire to learn more about Aetna drug rehab coverage, we’re here to help!

Addressing the Substance Abuse Issue

To say that substance use disorders are a problem in the U.S. would be a gross understatement. We need only look at a study published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to see just how prevalent addiction is in this country. According to the study data, an estimated 27 million Americans admit to routinely abusing illicit substances of some kind. Of course, this only tells part of the story. The same data further revealed that from 1999 to 2017, the U.S. laid claim to some 700,000 overdose-related fatalities.

That aside, there is some light at the end of this seemingly long and dark tunnel. Many people who admit to struggling with addiction are getting the help they need to put substance abuse behind them once and for all. They are accomplishing this monumental task by entering an addiction recovery program to begin the journey to recovery.

Covering the High Cost of Addiction Recovery

Although seldom the topic of conversation, addiction recovery can be very costly. This is true whether we are discussing private or public rehab facilities. That said, several factors can dictate how much an individual struggling with addiction will have to pay to, essentially, get their life back on track. Some of the more notable factors include the following:

  • Type of amenities offered
  • Location of the rehab facility
  • Length of the rehab program
  • Size of the program in a given rehab facility
  • Taking part in medication-assisted detox if offered
  • Taking part in addiction counseling if offered

Having detailed some of the factors that influence costs, let’s delve a little deeper in terms of dollars and cents. Of course, we should bear in mind that treatment costs can be slightly higher or lower when it comes to addiction recovery for other drugs, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines, for example. For a large percentage of Americans, flipping the bill for such rehab is no easy feat. Doing so is even harder for someone deep in the trenches of addiction. But things can be a little more manageable for those who have health insurance. 

aetna drug rehab coverageAetna Drug Rehab Coverage: How Your Health Insurance Policy Can Help You Achieve Sobriety

While most people would not think twice to rely on their health insurance policy to pay for a doctor visit, they seldom think of using that same policy to pay for rehab. But, individuals should definitely consider this method of treatment since there is a government mandate that makes it possible for them to do so. 

For those unaware, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act was passed in 2008 and is now a law. It requires that all health insurance providers include coverage for mental health and addiction recovery treatment in their policies. 

This government mandate is enabling many people to get help from rehab facilities that they would otherwise never be able to afford. This assertion is often echoed by those fortunate enough to have Aetna drug rehab coverage included in their policy and have received addiction recovery treatments from Harmony Place, a JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) accredited rehab facility located in Woodland Hills, CA.

What You Should Know About Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage

Before detailing why Harmony Place should be high on your list of rehab facilities if you’re trying to quit using drugs or alcohol, let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with how Aetna handles coverage for addiction recovery services.

Along with ensuring they comply with the federal parity law, also known as the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, Aetna is committed to doing what is in the best interest of its policyholders. And this is especially true for those battling drug or alcohol addiction. With that in mind, Aetna covers the following relative to addiction recovery services: 

When it comes to Aetna drug rehab coverage, there are a few caveats worth noting. Firstly, the extent to which these services are covered can vary from policy to policy. As such, those who feel they can benefit from any such services are encouraged to go over coinsurance, copays, deductibles, and other specifics related to their policy with an Aetna associate. It might also be a good idea to get help choosing between in-network and out-of-network rehab facilities since there can be benefits and drawbacks associated with both.

Harmony Place: Making Addiction Recovery a Little Easier

For those ready to end their relationship with drugs or alcohol, Harmony Place is an in-network rehab facility in Woodland Hills that you might want to consider. There are several reasons why this is the case. Along with offering plenty of addiction recovery services to help individuals get back on the straight and narrow, we also provide transitional care through our sober living home. All of these offerings go a long way to improving an individual’s chances of achieving long-term sobriety. 

But it does not end there; Harmony Place recognizes that it is not uncommon for some individuals to struggle with substance abuse and mental illness at the same time. We understand that, for these individuals, the road to sobriety is far more challenging. 

Because of this, we make it a point to offer what is known as dual diagnosis treatments to those individuals. In short, this type of treatment addresses both the psychological and physiological aspects of one’s struggle with addiction. This, for example, might include medically-assisted detox coupled with counseling sessions with a licensed therapist.

Let Harmony Place Help You Today

Harmony Place and Aetna recognize just how prevalent drug and alcohol addiction is in California and across the country. As such, we are doing our part to help as many people as possible break the cycle of addiction and turn their lives around. To learn more about using your health insurance policy for addiction recovery, you can contact an Aetna associate today. To find out if Harmony Place is right for you, reach out to us