How Much Does It Cost?

Choosing to go into an alcohol rehab program is a life-changing, life-saving decision. The key is to choose a rehab facility that provides you with everything you need to start on your road to recovery and maintain your progress. Everyone experiences obstacles and setbacks. It’s up to you to employ the skills you learn during your rehab program and keep moving forward no matter how difficult the journey becomes. Many people struggle with the cost of a quality alcohol rehab program. Costs range from $250/$350 per day to more than $500/$650 depending on the type of program you choose. Outpatient programs are the least expensive while residential care costs the most per day. There are programs that involve both inpatient/outpatient care. These will fall in the middle when it comes to cost per day.

Determining the Cost of Alcohol Rehab 

Several things will determine the cost of an alcohol rehab program. First, you will have to know what type of program you need. This falls into inpatient, partial hospitalization, or outpatient, with inpatient costing the most. Individuals who need more intense treatment are often chosen for inpatient care so that they get the attention they need during the beginning of the recovery process.

Next, you will need to consider the different types of treatment options. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and medical detox are two of the most common types of treatment options available for individuals who enter an alcohol rehab program. Most alcohol rehab facilities offer multiple treatment options for their patients so they can help create their own care plans.

Types of Alcohol Rehab Programs Available 

There are several different types of rehab programs that offer multiple treatment options. Individuals who are also battling a mental illness in addition to their alcohol issues will need to find a facility that offer dual diagnosis treatment options. If this is a consideration, it’s more than likely that the person will need to enter an inpatient program so they get the round-the-clock care they need.

There are also options for individuals who may need long-term inpatient or residential treatment. These programs can last for six to twelve months, allowing patients to get the medical treatment they need to support their recovery. In this type of facility, staff members often live on the premises to help guide the patients along their path to recovery.

Will an Intervention Help? 

An intervention is used to help individuals who may not understand the severity of their condition get the help they need. While friends and family may see the dangers, the person who is alcohol-dependent may be oblivious to the impact it is having on their lives as well as the lives of those around them. An intervention brings those most affected together so they can confront the patient and hopefully give them a chance to see what is really going on.

Medical Detox Programs: Are They Beneficial? 

Medical detox programs are extremely beneficial for individuals who have been abusing alcohol for a long period of time. As the alcohol begins to leave the body, the amount of damage left behind can last for months or even years. Damage to the liver, digestive tract, heart, and other organs within the body can be extensive. With a medical detox program, treatment options are included that help support and strengthen the body as it begins the long road to recovery. By providing nutritional and medical support, there is less risk of illness and the patient is less likely to fall back into the bad habits that got them started down the path to alcohol.

The Cost of Residential Care for Alcohol Programs 

Residential care programs are the most expensive because they are the most intense and provide the most in-depth forms of treatment. Long-term residential care can last up to a year and is specifically designed for individuals who do not have the willpower to walk away when a drink is offered.

For individuals who need this type of care in the beginning can enter a short-term residential program and then transition into a halfway house of sorts that allows them to begin to re-enter society gradually. Residential programs can start out at $550 to $650 a day and include any medical treatment that is needed while the patient is in the facility.

What Is the Cost of Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs? 

The cost of outpatient alcohol rehab programs are considerably less than inpatient programs. With this type of alcohol rehab program, the daily cost can range from $250 to $300 or more a day. Outpatient programs have fewer restrictions and can sometimes lead a person back to their old habits. It’s estimated that about half of those who choose an outpatient program often relapse within the first two years of completing their treatment program. There are those, however, who are able to take what they learn in their outpatient program and maintain long-term sobriety. Some even choose to return to the treatment center to help mentor others.

Is Aftercare Treatment Needed? 

If sober living is the ultimate goal, then aftercare is an important part of the treatment plan. Even after long-term treatment and partial hospitalization, a patient may experience difficulties on their road to recovery. An aftercare treatment plan costs less than outpatient care and will provide the patient with the counseling and support they need to face each obstacle. Other forms of aftercare can include becoming involved in Alcoholics Anonymous or other organizations that offer similar support.

The Benefits of Alcohol Rehab Programs 

The cost of an alcohol rehab program can be quite high, but you have to measure monetary value against quality of life. Spending the money to provide the right level of care can mean the difference between a relapse and long-term sobriety. The right type of medical care will go a long way in making sure the patient recovers their health as well as their ability to live a full and active life. There are many benefits to be had from each of the different types of alcohol rehab programs. Choose your program and start enjoying the benefits of good health and sobriety.

If you are considering an alcohol rehab program, you will have to do a little research when it comes to the type of treatment you will need. This will allow you to estimate the cost so you can begin to look for ways to finance your treatment plan. At Harmony Place, we can help you figure out what treatments will give you the best advantage when it comes to maintaining long-term recovery. Schedule an appointment today so you can start on your path to recovery now!

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