10 Troubling Warning Signs Of Depression

Depression isn’t always obvious. Sometimes the changes can go unnoticed without realizing there could be an issue with depression at hand.

  • Drastic Change In Appetite: depression changes appetite because it shifts the way the body reacts in its energy levels and metabolism. Unfortunately, there is no one change in appetite which indicates there might be a problem with depression. Instead, there are two very opposite ones; either eating far too much or eating far too little. If there’s a sudden change in appetite without any warrant, like a new diet or lifestyle trend, there may be an underlying emotional or mood problem.
  • Drastic Change In Sleep: similar to eating, sleep goes one of two ways with depression with a sudden shift: either sleeping too much or hardly sleeping at all. Insomnia during depression is not as popularly characterized as sleeping all day. Ruminating thoughts, anxieties, and concerns can keep someone with depression awake without any sleep.
  • Heightened Sensitivity: it is not uncommon for someone struggling with depression to cry over just about anything. There is a heightened sensitivity and reactivity which can include responses of sadness, despair, or anger and rage.
  • Poor Memory And Focus: Many describe depression as feeling like a dark cloud or a thick fog. Cognitive difficulties with executive decision making, focus, concentration, and productivity can all struggle during an episode of depression.
  • Lack Of Interest: what was once invigorating and inspiring is commonplace. Depression isn’t interested in anything in particular due to a number of reasons. Likes and dislikes can change over time. For depression, the shift is usually striking. Should someone who spends five nights a week going to dance class and whose life revolve around dance, their greatest passion, it could be a matter of depression.
  • Dropping Self-Esteem: feeling different, less than, separate from, and as if something is wrong with you can be a real detriment to self esteem. Depression can cause feelings of worthlessness and despair regarding one’s identity and value in the world.
  • Suicidal Ideation:a preoccupation with death and suicidal ideation are two different things, both of which are common signs of depression. Thinking about death, the meaning of life, and existential matters is common with feelings of melancholy and depression. Suicidal ideation means contemplating what it would be like to kill oneself but not having a plan or intent to do so.
  • Feeling Unsettled And Anxious: panic and anxiety have their own mood disorders to accompany their symptoms. However, it is not uncommon for such feelings to accompany depression as well. Depression can overall feel like something just isn’t right, contributing to feelings of being unsettled.
  • Physical Agitation: aches, pains, restless muscles, headaches- any kind of physical agitation which is chronic can be a part of depression.
  • Hopelessness: perhaps the most significant symptom, hopelessness is the mark of deep depression. There is little hope for anything getting better, any kind of change, or any reason to believe there might be in the future. If you are feeling completely hopeless and that doesn’t feel like your natural self, you might be struggling with depression.

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