3 Traits You Need To Succeed In Recovery









According to Business Insider, 96% of people who work on themselves for the better do not succeed. The article lists these three things as what holds people back, but, when done in the right way, can push them forward.

First, You Have To Believe In Taking Action

In a personal story written into The Big Book Of Alcoholics Anonymous, one female contributor writes, “…the Big Book had no chapters titled ‘Into Thinking’ or ‘Into Feeling’– only ‘Into Action’.” Whether you are working the traditional twelve steps, using an alternative recovery program, or staying sober through some other method, you have to take action. Addiction and alcoholism are progressive diseases. They are actively working to rewire your brain more intimately in their favor. To counteract this, you also have to be actively working. Though addiction and alcoholism are progressive, recovery, too is progressive. The more work you put into your recovery the more you will get out of it. Business Insider emphasizes that the actions you take do not have to be perfect. A common quip used in recovery is progress not perfection. Multiple imperfect actions will still propel you forward in a more productive way than doing nothing at all.

Second, You Have To Have A “Why” And A “Need”

The article explains that change and success happens for the people who believe in taking action because they work towards their personal development. Other people cannot be so easily inspired as to just start plowing away towards the future. Instead, they have to have a “why” and a “need”. The “Why” is the purpose. For people who are in recovery from an addiction or alcoholism, defining the “why” can be difficult because such mental health disorders are irrational. “Why” can be many things, from health to relationships to sanity. “Need” is a different approach. Defining a “need” is more concrete than defining a “why”. People need to stay sober and work towards recovery simply because their lives depend on it. There’s little “why” about it. Drug addiction and alcoholism are fatal. Recovery is a life-saver.

Third, You Should Buy Into The Inspiration

Buying into inspiration can be a plus or a minus. “Meeting makers make it” they often say in recovery, for a logical reason. Going to recovery support meetings means you’re taking action. It also means you are identifying both a “why” and a “need” simultaneously. By sitting in a meeting you are spending time listening and learning, as opposed to not going to a meeting and gaining new information. People can buy a thousand books and seminars about changing their lives. Only the people who buy into them and take action can do them. For example, you can read one hundred books about changing the oil in your car. You won’t know how to do it until you actually do it. Recovery is full of inspiration both metaphorical and practical. Staying skeptical of recovery and doing it with one foot in will rarely be a success. You can still stay sober, but your life won’t become fulfilled with all the wonderful promises recovery holds.

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