4 Reactions From Friends When You Tell Them You’re An Alcoholic









Opening up to your friends after you’ve had the life-changing realization that you’re an alcoholic can be scary. These are four of the main reactions you are likely to receive from your group of friends.

Your Friends Already Knew And They’re Happy You’re Sober

True friends will recognize when you aren’t being yourself. Even if you had the closes of friends with whom you always liked to party, they will be concerned about your wellbeing. It’s possible you knew you were experiencing a problem with alcohol. It’s also possible that your denial was deep. Rather than you telling your friends that you were having a problem, your friends were telling you. After what might have been months or even years of encouraging you to get help, you finally sought out treatment. Your friends love you, support you, and want nothing but the best for you. Whether they understand alcoholism or don’t, they’re happy you’re taking steps to change yourself for the better.

Your Friends Had No Idea And They’re Happy You’re Sober

Alcoholism can be well hidden. Denial lasts so long in people because they are unaware of the severity their drinking problem has advanced to. Alcohol consumption and intoxication is normalized throughout the world and even sensationalized through portrayals in media. Studies have revealed that the most of America is unaware of how much they drink as well as how much they are supposed to drink. You caught many of your friends by surprise with news of your alcoholism. Some weren’t sure how bad your problem might really be. Yet, because they are your friends, they encourage you to keep recovering and stay sober.

Your Friends Don’t Think You Have A Problem

Openly telling your friends “I’m an alcoholic” is a major step in recovery. Vulnerable, honest, and raw, it’s a moment of heightened emotional sensitivity. How your friends react will leave a lasting imprint on your recovery. “You’re not an alcoholic” “You don’t look like an alcoholic” “You don’t act like an alcoholic” “You can’t be an alcoholic” are all damaging responses. Your friends have no reason to doubt the fact that you have a drinking problem and would like to dedicate yourself to living a different way. Typically when friends are in denial of their friends’ problem with alcohol they are masking a problem of their own. Don’t look at these friends to give you the love, support, and inspiration you need throughout your time in treatment or for the rest of your sober life

You Don’t Have Friends Anymore

The ultimate mark of alcoholism is having only alcoholic friends. Many people share a similar story in which they relate about only having friendships with other alcoholics. Regulars at the bar start to feel like family when they are all you have. When you finally get sober, you might find that friends don’t want to talk to you, hang out with you, or be around you anymore. If you aren’t drinking, how could they be around you?

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