Can You Be Arrested For Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana?









Marijuana is gaining legality throughout the country. Large states like California have recently passed laws approving the legalization of recreational marijuana and many others have medicalized marijuana. Medical marijuana requires a prescription from a certified doctor, which is commonly less than difficult to obtain. It takes little more than chronic headaches to qualify for medical marijuana. Despite the wide availability of marijuana, legal or not, there has been extensive research into the medical uses of marijuana. Some treatment centers are taking a progressive and alternative approach by offering it to clients, though most professionals continue to assert that abstinence is the best option for recovery. Research has proven that some chemicals in marijuana could be a cure for autism, help with cancer, and more.

However, as the legality of marijuana being used recreationally on the street looms many fear the negative effects which might result. In states like Colorado where the drug has been legalized for some time, there has been a decrease in criminal activity and marijuana related crime. Still, many are concerned that the widely regarded “gateway drug” could lead to more addiction, more substance abuse, and other issues like driving under the influence.

People are likely under the influence of marijuana more often than most realize. What is available in marijuana now will change the more it gets legalized. Potent strains of marijuana will become normalized, causing more intense states of intoxication. Many are concerned that those who have not been consuming marijuana for many years will get behind the wheels of their cars and cause accidents. Currently, there isn’t a governmental system for testing intoxicated drivers for marijuana. Some officials are urging the development of such a system while other states have taken it upon themselves to implement a testing system.

Though driving under the influence of marijuana is not an official issue yet, it likely will be soon. Regulation of legal marijuana will be helpful in managing the effect of legalized psychoactive drugs on the wide availability to society.

To date, there has not been report of an overdose on marijuana. Marijuana can cause severely impaired judgment and has been proven to halt development when chronically used by young people.


Marijuana use disorder is listed in the DSM-V as a viable substance use disorder. If you are struggling with marijuana dependence, treatment is available. Call Harmony Place today for a private consultation and more information on our programs.  1-855-652-9048.