How Can I Make Spirituality Part Of My Lifestyle?










It might seem nonsensical to try praying when you aren’t sure what or who you might be praying to. Spirituality is not religion or having any religious affiliation. You don’t have to have a higher power to believe that there are forces greater than yourself. Prayer doesn’t have to be to a diety of any kind. You can pray for other’s well being, pray for peace in the world, and pray for yourself to continue growing. One way to look at prayer as being more spiritual is to see it as sending messages or energy out into the universe. The deepest intentions of your heart are your prayers which are made thousands of times a day.


Spirituality is about curiosity regarding human life on earth. You’re interested in learning about the different perspectives on thoughts which take you outside of yourself and your individual life. Exploring spirituality is inherently a spiritual practice. Try visiting different religious institutions for services, watching documentaries, and reading books.


After you’ve explored so many options for spirituality, you’ll want to take time to reflect on what you’ve learned. Since spirituality is not dogmatic, you do not have to adhere to any one belief or thought. Reflect on what you like and don’t like from everything you learn, articulating your thoughts on your experiences and how you want to incorporate them into your life.


Communicating with yourself about your experiences is only part of the program for making spirituality part of your life. Everyone has the capacity to be spiritual and most people have their very own unique relationship with spirituality in their lives. Find people who are also exploring spirituality in their lives or who you know has a very developed sense of spirituality. Engaging in deep and meaningful conversations with different people can hep you broaden your perspectives and learn new things.


Ultimately, the amount of time, energy, and effort you put into developing spirituality in your life is how much presence it will have. You have to be committed to making this a new part of your lifestyle in order for it to be a priority worth your attention. spirituality isa fantastic tool for building a life of recovery, full of meaning, connection, and depth.

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