Change Negative Stress To Positive Stress With These 3 Steps

Calm Down Your Body. When you’re under a peak amount of stress, trying to relax the body is one of the last things you are thinking about. Priority is given to all those stressful things swirling around your mind. If you can take care of all of your stressors, you won’t be so stressed. Here’s a secret about stress: it’s always around, because it lives inside of us. Stress is part of what makes you a human being. The fight or flight system which used to help us escape deadly predators is an ancient part of our existence. Adrenaline and cortisol are two stress hormones which are released when the fight or flight system is activated. Checking in with your body can help you find where your stress is and work on relaxing the body. Relaxing the body communicates the brain and turns off the red alert. All the things causing you stress might not go away. It’s guaranteed they’ll seem a little less stressful and you’ll be able to handle them more manageably.

  • Let Your Stress Out. If you’re so stressed you can’t even deal with your stress, you have got to deal with your stress. There are plenty of healthy ways to cope with stress like taking a walk, going for a run, dancing, cooking, or talking to a friend. Negative stress is only negative when you continue to make it negative. You might have to ask yourself an uncomfortable couple of questions: Am I making this stress negative? Do I want to make this stress negative? Do I like having negative stress? Your answer could be yes to all of the above. Being in a state of chaos and stress is something that many people who have become addicted to drugs and alcohol find themselves in.
  • Switch Your Negative To Positive. If only it were that simple- but thankfully, it is that simple. It will take some time to identify your negative stress and learn to mindfully step out of it in the moment. Once you become aware, it’s hard to become unaware, making the practice easier and easier. As you become more familiar with your negative stress, counteract it with positive stress. Turn your negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns. Replace catastrophizing with practical solution and rationality. Swap ultimatums with options. Shift from self-sabotage to self-care.

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