Cocaine Addiction On The Decline, But Overdoses Increase









Cocaine is not as popular as it once was in America. The cocaine trends of the 1970s quickly turned into the crack epidemic of the 80s and 90s. As the early 2000s came, opioid abuse started to rise. Though cocaine remained a popular drug, more concentration was being given to opioid drugs. What is the cause for the decline of cocaine? It isn’t the effect of the government’s “war on drugs” or certain campaigns encouraging citizens to “just say no”.

Production Is Down

The war on drugs had many international battlefronts as well as many on our own streets. For years, the government has been fighting cocaine production in foreign countries, especially Mexico and Colombia, as well as countries in the Middle East and Asia. Since 2001, the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy reports, global production of cocaine has been declining. As a major profitable drug market, a startling change to its economy could have come from a loss of buyers.

Cocaine Users Are Down

As heroin has become more popular, there has been less of a demand for cocaine and for crack. From 2006 to 2013, the number of people using cocaines dropped a whopping 44%, according to The National Survey On Drug Use And Health. Once seen to be a socio-economic drug of choice, cocaine is no longer a status symbol. Heroin, statistics have shown, is popular among all demographics and economic brackets. As a result, the demand for cocaine has gone down, meaning continuing to create a high supply of it would be bad business for drug manufacturers.

Cocaine Overdose Is Up

Strangely, there have recently been reports of an increase in cocaine overdoses coming through data in toxicology reports. Though sales of cocaine and the number of cocaine users has gone down, the number of overdoses continues to increase. Yet again, heroin is the culprit. In an effort to cut costs and make their drugs more addiction, heroin manufacturers use cocaine to supplement their productions of heroin. Consequently, many people are overdosing on both heroin and cocaine. Additionally, cocaine and heroin as a combination, called a “speedball” is a lethal yet popular drug cocktail.


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