Do All Drug Addictions Require The Same Amount Of Detox?









Detox from drug and alcohol addiction will vary depending on a few basic factors. First, the specific genetics of an individual makes a difference. No two people experience their addiction in the same way. They won’t metabolize drugs and alcohol in the same way, meaning that the amount of drugs and alcohol in their system, as well as the way they experience detoxing from that amount of drugs and alcohol in their system will also vary. Additionally, the point at which somebody needs detox will also be different. In common recovery lingo this is referred to as “hitting bottom”. Some people will be heavily intoxicated with extremely high amounts of drugs and alcohol in their system and need detox. Others will only have a minimal amount of substances in their system but still need to go through a stabilization period. Though there are differences, most typically, individuals with high amounts of drug and alcohol will need longer periods of detox.

Generally, the initial detox period does not last longer than three weeks at the most. For someone in the detox process, that is a long enough period of time. Depending on the recency and severity of use, detox can last anywhere from three days to three weeks. Ongoing, there are prevailing symptoms of withdrawal which tend to pop up around the designated “chip dates” in early recovery- 30, 60, 90 days and 6 months. Called Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, these symptoms can feel like a throwback to the earliest weeks of recovery, inclusive of severe cravings. With just a few days, the symptoms will pass again. PAWS, as it is referred to, can last for up to two years- the time at which most doctors suggest the brain is in “remission” from drug and alcohol addiction.

Another factor to take into consideration regarding length of time in detox is Medication Assisted Treatment. Also called medically assisted detox or drug replacement therapy, this detox method makes use of specific prescription medications which ease the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Providing pain relief and reducing cravings, this method of detox can extend over a period of time. However, the medications used in MAT typically have a trace amount of opioids, which are addicting and dependency forming. Most often, there is a secondary withdrawal to come off of the MAT meds, which can take another multi-week process.


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