How To Have Fun And Party Sober










Summertime is full of music festivals, get togethers, and fun outdoors. Sometimes, recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can feel like a burden to having fun rather than a bonus. Fun is all yours to have this summer with a few pointers.

Go To Festivals With Sober Friends

Music festivals are full of drugs and alcohol, there is no way around it. Recovery is not meant to be a shield from drugs and alcohol in the world. Instead, recovery is your sword to brandish, warding off temptation. One of the best ways to do that is in numbers. Together with other sober peers you will be able to support one another, stay focused on recovery, and have fun. Being in the present moment and living life for all that it is worth is part of what recovery is all about. Here are a few suggestions for bringing your recovery to music festivals.


  • Find meetings: There are many others like you who want to continue going to festivals and having a good time while staying sober. Many of them have started meetings and communities at these festivals were sober people can gather for support, encouragement, and fellowship.
  • Start meetings: If you can’t find a meeting, start one! Festivals receive a lot of criticism for drug and alcohol abuse, as well as overdoses on club drugs which happen every year. Try contacting various organizers to see about starting a meeting onsite and how you can help promote sobriety.
  • Look for communities online: Some major festivals and events have online communities which thrive all year. Chances are there are clusters of sober people giving information about where to find them and what support they are offering during the festival.


Host Sober Parties

Going to festivals isn’t the only way to show you’re sober and you like to have fun. Host a sober party and change it up every time you host one. Have a themed party, serve virgin mixed drinks, make juices and smoothies, then turn on the music. Game nights, movie nights, cooking nights, and more can all be done sober while having an amazing time. House parties don’t have to be a thing of the past.

Hit The Club

Live music, live DJ’s and going dancing don’t require being intoxicated. For many people, discovering they can have fun dancing and meeting new people without being drunk or high is a revelation. Going out to clubs can be triggering, so make sure to bring sober friends with you and drink waters or sodas together. You’ll be amazed to find you have more energy than other people, dance longer, and have little inhibition.


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