Goal Setting: How Big is too Big?

Goal Setting: How Big is too Big?








Recovery from our addiction to drugs, alcohol, and compulsive behaviors brings many challenges. We might be facing significant changes in our employment, relationship, or housing status. We begin to meet these challenges by making it our goal to resolve each issue before us, one by one. Our primary goal, of course, is to stay sober, a day at a time.

To be achievable, a goal must be specific and measurable. Larger challenges are best broken down into manageable bites. We might be tempted to say, “I’m going to be sober forever,” which is powerful but daunting goal. Instead, the very first goal we ought set is to finish our treatment program. When we return to our daily lives at home, we set another goal, to find a 12-step program and attend 90 meetings in 90 days. We also set a goal of finding a sponsor and a home group. These small steps may very well lead to a lifetime of sobriety – but by breaking down that lofty aspiration into measurable goals, we focus on what we can do today.

Saying, “I’m going to land my dream job” is admirable, but how do we get there? We start by identifying what that job might be, then look at whether our skills and education put us in the running for such a job at this time. If the answer is yes, we set a goal of updating our resume and contacting 10 hiring managers a week. If the answer is no, however, we set a different goal, to enroll in college or vocational classes that will help make us qualified. Again, setting smaller goals along the way helps us to reach our larger objective.

Another goal most of us have in recovery is to repair relationships damaged by our addictive behaviors. While me might ultimately hope to reunite with family members or rekindle a romance, these aren’t our goals for today. We begin to rebuild trust over time by being sober, present and available to our loved ones and co-workers, day by day. We make it our goal to meet our obligations, one at a time. Each task can be a separate goal.

Having over-arching life goals is an important motivator for all of us, but soaring goals can sometimes seem hopelessly out of reach. We don’t give up on these aspirations, but we do make them achievable by setting specific and measurable goals that help us make progress. As we meet each goal, we gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. The idea is to dream big, then take small steps to get there. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey, too!

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