Why Is It Important To Come Back To Recovery After A Relapse?

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Relapse can last a moment or relapse can last for years. Whatever it is that brings us back to the default way of thinking that a drug or a drink is the answer is not a definitive part of who we are. It takes work to come back to recovery and learn how to stay. Examining the reasons for relapse and what happened is part of the process. Ultimately, coming back to recovery is important so that the brain can immediately be reminded that sobriety is possible, and life in recovery is worth living.

Humility Overcomes Shame

Shame is a primary driver of addiction and alcoholism. It fuels the self-sabotaging cycle which continuously serves a narrative full of harmful descriptors like “worthless” “shameful” “embarrassment” and more. After relapse, even during relapse, there are many feelings of shame and guilt. Too often, shame and guilt can get in the way of returning to recovery. Ironically, in the shame, there can be hidden self-entitlement or even self-righteousness, indignantly turning away from recovery instead of running back to it. Humility is an important spiritual practice in recovery. Through humility, we learn how to admit our faults, and realize there are truths bigger than the stories we desperately hold onto- as in, I’m not worth coming back to recovery, or I don’t want to come back to recovery because of (blank). Humility means realizing one is not too good or not good enough for recovery. Everyone is deserving of a chance to heal their minds, nourish their bodies, and tend to their souls while learning the tools necessary for living a lifetime of sobriety.

You’re Worth It

Recovery takes time, which is why people in recovery are advocated to live one day at a time. Each day, though you may not see the progress, you’re healing, growing, changing, a little more. Taking the time to go through detox if necessary, work with a therapist, and start all over again is a minimal investment compared to the opportunity for living the rest of your life free from drugs and alcohol. Often, it is hard to see past the immediate moment and urgency of relapse. The realities of drug and alcohol addiction are startling. However, recovery is possible and you are worth recovering. Your life is worth being lived clean and sober, happy and serene.


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