How To Manage When You Make Big Changes (Like Getting Sober) In Your Life









Making big changes in life doesn’t have to be scary. Change is empowering. If you are ready to get sober, you are already making changes in your thinking and your willingness. Here are some more tips.

Remain Grateful

Changes are a test to our ability to be grateful, especially when that change might involve detoxing from drugs and alcohol. Suffering through the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal leaves nothing to be grateful for. Feeling sick and miserable, craving drugs and alcohol, is a test to patience as well as gratitude. Focusing on gratitude is important for creating perspective and maintaining motivation. By staying grateful, you can stay positive, which will help you fight the negativity trying to convince you to relapse. Every symptom of withdrawal is a sing that your body is fighting hard to get clean. You’re fighting hard to get clean because you’ve made the life changing decision to get sober and leave mind altering substances behind. After this period of struggle, you don’t have to go through detox again and life is going to get better than you know.

Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable

Vulnerability is often mistaken for weakness. To be vulnerable can be a good thing when it comes to your emotions. Vulnerability is not weakness, it is actually a sign of strength. Making big changes in your life like choosing to get sober is difficult when you are hard-headed and unwilling to take a risk. There are a lot of “could’s” and “what-if’s” when it comes to getting sober, like, I could relapse, and, what if I can’t stay sober? Vulnerability helps you act authentically to know it is worth trying. More importantly, it is worth succeeding.

Rely On Your Safety Network

Nobody says you have to go through big changes alone. Many people are lucky enough to have a support network of safe friends and family members who are there for encouragement and motivation. Sadly, there are some people who break the ties with their friends and family due to the destructive ways they act in addiction. Family healing is possible and frequently happens in recovery. Whether you have one close friend or a team of 100 people cheering you on, making big changes in your life needs the support of others. Friends, family, doctors, therapists, strangers on the street- you need all the support you can get.

Remember to keep breathing and take it one step at a time. If you are ready to get sober and make changes in your life, Harmony Place is here to help. Our residential treatment programs are designed to meet each client where they are and help them create a personalized plan of treatment to meet their goals in recovery. For a private consultation and more information on our full continuum of care, call us today:  1-855-652-9048