Mindfulness Meditation For Anxiety

Anxiety disorders like social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder can be hard to treat. Anxiety is a matter of thought. Thinking is one of the most difficult things to change in the brain. Anxious thoughts and thinking behaviors often become habitual. Changing the way one thinks has the ability to change their lives. Psychology, therapy, and the new age spiritual movement are entirely focused on this theory. When you learn to control and change the way you think, you alter your entire reality and create a new story for how you want to live your life. Accomplishing what is truly such a phenomenal feat requires certain sets of skills and knowledge. It takes a great amount of awareness to recognize anxiety and be able to apply different methods of thinking to change anxious thoughts. One such method proven to work is mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Researchers recently put a group of people with generalized anxiety disorder to the test, giving two groups an eight week course. One group learned about MBSR- mindfulness based stress reduction where they were instructed on meditation techniques and methods. The other group was taught about therapeutic subjects about lifestyle changes for anxiety. The experiential course using mindfulness meditation saw a considerably higher amount of success in reducing people’s symptoms of anxieties and creating a greater sense of calm.

Anxiety and Mindfulness

One of the key issues with anxiety is taking all of one’s thoughts seriously. In a way, anxiety is convinced that each thought is an indicator of the worst to come, until the next thought comes. Mindfulness meditation encourages practitioners to recognize thoughts and feelings not as facts but passing experiences. Furthermore, it suggests practitioners utilize non-judgment which helps not to spend too much energy on evaluating and analyzing each anxious thought- which usually inspires more anxiety.

Mindfulness meditation not only helps change the thoughts associated with anxiety, but it helps change the brain structure as well. Various research studies using neuroimaging have revealed that mindfulness and meditation, both together and as a combined practice, create the growth of grey matter in the brain and help change brain structure in a positive way.

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