Why Is Picking Quality Treatment Important For Recovery?









Those who are desperate to save their lives from the grips of mental illness like addiction and alcoholism are often vulnerable to suggestion. Sadly, there are many people taking advantage of addicts, alcoholics, and their families who are eagerly seeking treatment. Overcharging, providing poor quality service, and treating clients without professionals who have certifications are just some of the ways people are taken advantage of in treatment. When time is of the essence and addiction treatment has become a matter of life or death, there is little spare time to research treatment. However, looking into the quality of treatment, their certifications, and their reviews is important. Reviews can often be skewed and/or paid for. If there are consistent comments and criticisms across many months or years, it is likely the treatment center has not acted to resolve their issues or improve their services. Working with a trusted, accredited treatment program is the best way to ensure quality care and a best chance at recovery. Each treatment center provides a different approach to recovery. Generally, a treatment center should offer modalities and therapies which focus on healing mind, body, and spirit.

Limited Time In Life, For Life

Investing in quality treatment is an investment for a lifetime. Treatment only lasts for a few months to a year, depending on the length of the program. During those precious days, the hope is that a loved one is going to heal and learn how to live clean and sober. Those days can easily be wasted on ineffective therapies and toxic environments. A comfortable living environment which provides quality service, offers a continuum of care, and asks for a commitment indicates that a treatment center knows what it takes to help someone create a reliable foundation of recovery for themselves.

Tools For Healing And Living

Treatment is about more than “sobering up” and sitting in group processing therapy. Treatment is for healing, growing, and transforming while learning to live life in an entirely new way. Every modalities included in a treatment program is designed to both heal and educate clients in a specific way which they will be able to practically apply to their lives later on in life.


If you are looking for quality and effective care, Harmony Place offers luxury residential treatment and a full continuum of care options. Helping clients transition through each phase of recovery treatment, we promote healing in mind, body, and spirit. For a private consultation and more information, call us today at  1-855-627-1417.