Questions to Ask Residential Treatment Centers in Los Angeles

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Knowing what to ask can be the first step toward finding the best rehab facility for your needs. Consider these six questions before committing to a specific treatment center.

Do residential treatment centers in Los Angeles offer an individualized treatment plan?

As of 2020, 25% of Americans who use illegal drugs have a drug disorder. 20% of Americans who drink heavily have an alcohol use disorder. However, substance abuse looks different in every person, which is why top clinical services should use the information from your assessment to adjust and grow your treatment process with your personal needs

Before you receive treatment at any rehab center, you should first receive an assessment from a licensed professional. This can be a doctor, mental health professional, or social worker. The goal of this step is to figure out what treatment program will best help you toward lasting recovery.

What type of treatment programs are included at residential treatment centers in Los Angeles?

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse are psychological disorders that require a specific line of treatment. That’s why the best substance abuse treatment programs include a combination of mental health treatment and medication-assisted treatment.

All rehab centers will offer different forms of these treatment services. After your initial assessment, you should know what specific care will best support your recovery journey.

Does your addiction treatment include medical detox?

The detox process is usually the first step a person must complete before fully committing to addiction treatment. This allows your body to break free from its initial dependence on substance use. However, completing a detox on your own can be uncomfortable and even, in some cases, life-threatening.

This is why the best addiction treatment services will offer detox facilities. The goal of medical detox is to help you feel comfortable and safe in a supportive environment as you begin your alcohol or drug rehab.

What sort of mental health services do you offer?

Mental health issues are often one of the underlying causes of substance abuse, and mental health care is an important part of addiction treatment.

This is why it is important you choose a treatment provider that offers a variety of counseling options, including group therapy and individual therapy. Some rehab centers also offer dual diagnosis treatment, which allows a person to be treated for substance use and mental health issues like depression or anxiety disorders at the same time.

What insurance coverage is accepted by your rehab center?

Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, health insurance companies are required to offer some form of substance abuse treatment coverage.

Whether you have private health insurance or benefit from state-funded health programs outside of insurance could determine which treatment provider is best for you. Make sure to talk to your preferred treatment center about what insurance they accept before you commit to a treatment plan.

How can I receive care after rehab?

Whether you choose inpatient rehab or an outpatient treatment program, you need to keep in mind that addiction treatment is only the first step in your recovery journey.

The right treatment centers should help with relapse prevention by connecting you to support groups or individual therapy after your stay at a rehab center. These resources will help you develop healthy coping skills in place of substance abuse.


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