Is There Really A Point To Group Therapy?








Group therapy often brings up an image of people sitting around in a circle talking about their feelings. That is what happens quite often. However, group therapy can serve a much higher purpose for the individual.

Solidarity Among Peers

Look for the differences, not the similarities. This is a popular philosophy in treatment. Every person who comes to treatment has a unique life story. What brought them to their addiction and the specific details of their life are completely unique. It can feel difficult to fit in during treatment sometimes. Addicts and alcoholics have what many in recovery refer to as “terminal uniqueness”. Sometimes, being “different” can go too far, so far as to convince someone they aren’t “really” an addict or alcoholic because they aren’t like all “those people”. Group therapy is a chance for clients to talk about their lives in front of others and learn how similar they are too other people. Though the details may not be the same, the human experience of life is.

Learning To Communicate

A group therapist is there as a moderator and guide for the group discussion. Healthy communication skills are not often something someone comes to treatment with. In group therapy settings there can be a lot of emotions, coming from everyone at different times. Learning to communicate feedback, as well as emotion, in a healthy and respectful way is often a challenge. Additionally, group therapy can provide something that too many people who develop an addiction in their life have to live without: support. Solidarity among peers also means support among peers.

Confidence In Self-Expression

When asked for an opinion, thoughts, feelings, or insight about someone else’s share there can be a lot of thoughts which have been programmed for many years. People often feel that they are not allowed to speak their mind, are afraid to speak their mind, aren’t sure if what they would have to say is okay to say, and more insecurities. The safe and warm environment of group therapy helps clients find confidence in their ability to express themselves.
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