Recovery Burnout Is Real: Here’s How To Recover From It









Sometimes you need to put your focus toward something that isn’t loaded in recovery. There is only so much spiritual, therapeutic, processing, self-help, material and input that you can take. Everyone has a limit and a special way which they respond to reaching that limit. It’s called self-care. Your self-care will look different from everybody else’s. Your self care will be for your recovery but it doesn’t have to involve recovery-oriented activities. Read a novel of your favorite genre. Watch a movie that you enjoy. Go play a sport that you enjoy playing. However you need to decompress from your new lifestyle, do those things that you love to do. The catch is this: make sure they encourage your abstinence from drugs and alcohol. When you need a break from recovery, don’t go hang out at the bar or your favorite drug dealer’s house. Taking a break from recovery to refresh and rejuvenate doesn’t mean taking a break from abstinence or your sobriety. The reason self-care for recovery burnout is so important is avoiding that decision. Too many people lack in their self-care and get burned out to the point where the only break from recovery they can think of is to abandon recovery all together and return to using or drinking.

Have a completely lazy and indulgent day

Everyone in recovery can agree that some days, you just need to do a whole bunch of nothing. For many addicts and alcoholics in recovery, do nothing is really hard to do. It’s a double edged sword- you’re burned out and exhausted but you can’t sit still. Sometimes you just have to be relaxed and lounge like you’re on a vacation. Remember taking a mental vacation from recovery doesn’t mean relapsing. It also means recognizing that your time away from doing the work and digging deep into your psyche to recover is temporary. Most often, after taking a day, or two, or three of being completely lazy, indulgent, and relaxed, you’re ready to get back to the work. Through your treatment and therapy, you’re learning that while recovery can be exhausting from time to time, it is also worth the effort. Your life is changing in ways you never thought possible. You feel better than you’ve ever felt and you know the more you do the work the better it is going to get. A few days off here and there helps you reboot and restore so you can keep progressing, keep healing, and keep growing, one day at a time.


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