What Are The Signs My Spiritual Program Of Recovery Is Slipping?









Spirituality is a life changing part of recovery for many people. We are encouraged to grow spiritually as a way to create meaning and bring peace into our lives. At times, we may slip spiritually and not work toward progress anymore.

You aren’t feeling as trusting as you used to

Part of the relationship you build with your higher power is learning how to trust that your higher power is taking care of you. Many people develop an idea of a higher power that has a plan for them. People take comfort in believing that everything is happening for a reason, on a schedule, on time, that is beyond their conception. The truth is, there are many forces in the universe which stem beyond our human conception. Our faith in a higher power means we trust that everything is going to be okay, especially in moments when nothing feels okay. When we start to doubt that we really do have a higher power, we start to think nothing is okay. When we start to think nothing is okay, we feel like we can’t trust our conception of a higher power anymore. Consequently, we start to feel unsure in other areas of our life.

You are feeling more resentful than normal

Resentments are considered to be a number one offender in recovery. People who are resentful are not able to be forgiving, to themselves and to others. Holding grudges is like holding toxic waste. We think by being angry with others and withholding our forgiveness that we are doing them a disservice and hurting them in some way. Unfortunately, the only person we are hurting is ourselves. For many people their spiritual beliefs include forgiveness. They believe that their higher power is all forgiving. In being forgiven, we can forgive others, and forgive ourselves. When we are less spiritually involved,we start holding resentments against others, mostly because we start to hold them against ourselves.

You are being more judgmental than you usually are

Who are we to judge others? As addicts and alcoholics, we’ve learned not to judge much. We, and most people we know, have gone to great lengths to get high or drunk and done things while high or drunk that we have carried a lot of shame about. We have a very serious saying in recovery: We are not saints. Remember that everyone is working hard to keep growing. Judgment is a sign that we are becoming entitled in our spiritual beliefs and losing sight of our humility, thinking ourselves to be better than others.


Spiritual work is part of the way we encourage clients to start defining themselves for themselves as individuals in recovery. We believe in the right of self-determination. You are capable of making good choices in your life. Let us show you how. For a private assessment and more information, call us today at:  1-855-652-9048