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What Is Our BrainRecovery® Program?

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How does addiction affect the brain?

Substance abuse and addiction can affect the brain in several ways. No matter what the drug of choice is, addiction will cause cravings. These cravings can become so strong that they can cause the mind to only focus on the craving or fix.

This can affect many areas of the brain including:

    • The ability to make rational decisions
    • Behavioral issues such as anger or emotional outbursts
    • Drug and alcohol abuse causes increased levels of dopamine in the brain, which is in the brain’s pleasure center. The brain will want to continuously feel this sort of “pleasure” when abused by drugs and alcohol.
    • They will often say they don’t feel “normal” without drugs or alcohol, making it difficult for them to focus and think clearly.


These changes can occur in many areas of the brain including those that control thoughts, memory, and cravings. Due partly to these changes, many people relapse after successfully completing an addiction treatment program.

One way we greatly help our patient’s brains recover while going through treatment is through the use of our BrainRecovery® program. This innovative program utilizes state-of-art neuro-imaging-enabled analysis and treatment.

After our program, we show sobriety at two years increases to 80% vs. the industry standard of only 20-25%!

These factors and more help set our addiction treatment program apart from other rehabs.

BrainRecovery® Program For Addiction

Learn what our BrainRecovery® program is all about!

Assess + Monitor: Track patient recovery and clinical outcomes

Train: More than 30 Adjunctive Brain Exercises to Reinforce Recovery


Brain Activity And Neurocognitive Ability Assessment

Many of our patients enter our treatment program suffering from depression, anxiety or other mental health issues, memory loss, inability to focus, and of course, substance abuse.

Upon entering the program we will administer an assessment called NeuroCodeX. This assessment will test your memory, thought processes, and emotional reactions both at rest and under stress.

The results from this assessment will help us develop the best treatment plan for strengthening and balancing your brain.

Personalized Treatment Plan For Each Individual’s Own Brain Function

Once we have completed the initial assessment and reviewed the results, a NeuroCoach will begin working with you on your applicable areas. You will begin at your current capabilities and gradually work your way to better brain function. We use a series of tasks that are designed to improve memory, job function, and IQ. As you complete the program, you will notice improvements in your ability to think, react appropriately to emotional triggers, remember detail more easily, reduce stress and anxiety and much more.


Throughout and after you have completed the BrainRecovery® program, we will reassess your abilities to track your progress. This allows us to see how effective the treatment is and what may need to be adjusted in your treatment plan. One of the most important aspects of re-evaluating your brain is to determine your risk of relapse. By looking at the area of the brain that controls these impulses we can determine if you are at a high risk of relapse and help you to strengthen that aspect of your brain even further.

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