Brain Solutions


Assess + Monitor: Track patient recovery and clinical outcomes.

Brain Health AssessmentOur validated brain health assessment delivers standard scores of core thinking, emotion, feeling and self-regulation capacities. It consists of brief questions and a range of activation tasks measuring speed and accuracy of response. A personalized report is delivered within minutes.

Reassessment provides insight to improvements from baseline. This insight allows you to know when to transition a client to a higher or lower level of care, improving their likelihood of success.

Train: More than 30 Adjunctive Brain Exercises to Reinforce Recovery.

Relaxation RoomRelaxation Room:

Practice meditation and relaxation techniques to calm the brain and body during times of stress and promote abstinence.

Thought TamerThought Tamer:

Exercise for practicing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) tactics to challenge negative thought patterns, including impulsivity.

Think on TargetThink on Target:

Executive function is linked to effective function in real life areas, including quality of life, energy for life and acquiring new information.

Expressions of Gratitude:

Exercise of expressing gratitude to have higher levels of happiness and lower levels of depression and stress.


Assess Your BrainAssess Your Brain:

Identify cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses that impact treatment success.

Train New Brain HabitsTrain New Brain Habits:

Reduce stress, shift negative to positive thinking and increase self regulation.

Monitor SuccessMonitor Your Success:

Objectively track the extent of cognitive and emotional recovery in your clients.


Certification_BadgeA very valuable tool to understand my patients better, plan their treatment more effectively and facilitate their recovery.

—Scott Anderson PhD, Clinical Director
Cornerstone of Recovery