Residential Treatment Center

residential treatment center los angelesWhen you come to Harmony Place residential treatment center, you will have a dedicated team working with you on your behalf. You will know all of our names, and we will know yours. That is one of the first differences that you’ll find at our unique residential drug abuse program. We only care for 12 clients at a time and provide an extremely high degree of individual therapy. You will have three one-on-one sessions with a primary therapist each week at Harmony Place.

Harmony Place is a co-ed facility. While treatment and recreational facilities are shared, sleeping accommodations are gender-specific and are located in separate living quarters. Our goal is to provide comfortable, science-based, holistic care that gives you what you need to sustain your addiction recovery.

LivingRoom_2_400wOur Residential Drug Abuse Program – Beyond Exceptional Treatment

Whether you are addicted to opiates or alcohol or have a multi-substance addiction, our residential drug abuse program will help you and your family.

Here are some specific ways that you will find we are different from other residential treatment centers:

  • We have many options should you need physician referrals. Physician referrals include but are not limited to:
    • James Gagne, M.D. is an addictionologist and a pain management specialist. He is a long standing member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. (ASAM).
    • Meredith Sagan, M.D. is Semel Institute at UCLA-trained psychiatrist on the cutting edge of the integrative medicine movement. Dr. Sagan specializes in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addiction and psycho-spiritual crises.
  • We offer access to our distinguished team of wellness coordinators who are on-site 24/7. Many people with an addiction also have associated psychological issues such as anxiety, depression or trauma related problems. Because of this, we ensure that you will have trained clinical personnel onsite 24 hours a day.
  • LivingRoom3-450W-300dpi-kopiaAll of our treatment staff are licensed or credentialed in addiction. We also make sure that our support staff, including office staff, housekeeping and our chef, all understand the personal challenges of recovery.
  • We include experiential therapy and a variety of adjunct modalities to enhance your personal treatment plan, both through group and individual sessions.

More Individual Sessions, Less Group Therapy in our Residential Treatment Center

The Harmony Place treatment protocol includes other new and unique evidence based adjunctive therapeutic processes and modalities including experiential, creative arts and didactic lecture groups. This is in addition to dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), relapse prevention and motivational enhancement therapy groups all approved by ASAM and researched through SAMSHA. This protocol will enhance your personal treatment plan, both through group and individual sessions.

Group therapy is an important part of addiction treatment. Residential treatment centers often use an over-abundance of group sessions. We schedule three one-on-one sessions with a primary therapist each week, supported by group therapy sessions. Individual, one-on-one therapy is critical because this is where much of the deeply personal processing and healing work is accomplished.

The personal care plan collaboratively developed with your clinical team integrates a whole-person approach to wellness. Group therapy is often used to explore and educate very specific topics and concerns. Adjunct modalities provide both experience and skills development. Expect to live days filled with meaningful activity and growth. Our spiritual work is meant to rejuvenate the soul and help fix the broken places in the psyche.

Harmony Place believes strongly in the ‘right of self-determination.’ We can help you work with your challenges, goals and aspirations. We can help you with direction and prevention, but you are the only one who can make the final decisions as to how you choose to live your life. When you enter Harmony Place, we meet you where you are, personally, and where you want to go, not where we may think you should be. It is without judgment that we believe you will reap the benefits of introspection and redirection while following our lead.

Everything you do at Harmony Place is designed to help you regain your life, on your terms, based on your recovery goals. If it sounds like hard work, it is. But you are never doing the work alone. We are always here to help.