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Where Do I Start?

My Client Needs Addiction Treatment: Where Do I Start?

Attorneys, social workers, therapists, physicians, nurses and other professionals are no strangers to working with individuals who struggle with drug or alcohol abuse. With drug use and overdose at an all-time high, our country has found itself in a crisis. Millions of Americans are battling drug abuse, and too many are losing that battle. Something has to be done.

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Image: Did you know that 23.5 million Americas are addicted to drugs or alcohol?

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Am I Addicted?

Signs That Your Client May Need Addiction Treatment

If your client has intimated that he or she has used hard drugs or drinks regularly, here are some signs that might help you determine if there is an addiction:
  1. Frequent mood swings
  2. Withdrawal or isolation from family and friends
  3. Loss of interest in formerly beloved activities or hobbies
  4. Grooming habits have slipped
  5. Insomnia or irregular sleeping patterns
  6. Bloodshot or glassy eyes
  7. Frequent sniffling or runny nose
  8. Prone to violent outbursts and sudden behavioral changes
If any of this criteria sounds like your client, please get in touch with us for help: 1 (888) 789-4330
Getting Help

How Harmony Place Can Help Your Clients Overcome Addiction

Harmony Place offers comprehensive treatment for drug and alcohol addictions – from detox through aftercare – with high-end accommodations in our residential and transitional living properties in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Although we offer complementary therapies such as equine-assisted therapy, acupuncture and yoga, our primary focus is individual therapy in order to achieve the most success.

Our team is also equipped to offer dual diagnosis treatment, since we know that co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety are often intricately tied into addiction. Harmony Place believes in taking a “whole person” approach to addiction recovery, meaning we treat and try to improve all aspects of our clients’ lives, not just their addiction symptoms.

How You Can Get Help for
Your Client: The Process

Step 1: Call Now

Call Harmony Place and let us know what you’ve observed in your client. If it appears that they would benefit from going into rehab, we will try to get them here and started with detox as quickly as possible. We will first review their insurance to let them know what they’re covered for and if they would have any additional expenses.

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Step 2: Collaborate with Us

Throughout your client’s treatment process, we encourage to keep touch with and collaborate with us to help deliver the best care possible. This includes giving us your input at the start to help us build out a treatment plan that will cover all of your client’s needs.

Step 3: Welcome Your Client Back a New Person

After your client has graduated our residential, outpatient and transitional living programs, they will likely move back home and have a chance to work with you again. We encourage to keep up your treatment or work with this client, and to stay in touch with us to ensure that relapse doesn’t happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment Referral FAQs

Do you have any additional questions about the treatment referral process? See if we’ve got your answer below:

What is your residential facility like?

Our residential facility is an upscale, gated property in a quiet neighborhood in Woodland Hills, California. We actually have separate buildings on the property for gender-specific living accommodations, but our residential program is most certainly co-ed. We have a pool and a workout room on the property, and we’re only about a 30-minute drive from the nearest beach, which we use for beach walks and experiential therapy.

We only accept up to 12 clients at a time, meaning they are more than just a number and our staff isn’t spread too thin.

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What kinds of referral professionals do you work with?

Harmony Place takes referrals from all kinds of professionals, basically anybody who is responsible in some way for their clients’ health and well-being. Such professionals include, but are not limited to:

  • Attorneys
  • Therapists and counselors
  • Life coaches
  • Sports coaches
  • Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals

Will you accept clients from outside of California?

Certainly. In fact, we encourage it. Studies have shown that clients do better in rehab when they go out of state, or at least across state. If they stay too close to home for rehab, they may still be in touch with the problematic people and places that encouraged drug or alcohol abuse in the first place.

We will help with the logistics and accommodations to make sure your client can get here quickly and safely, no matter where they reside in the U.S.

Do you have any professional certifications?

Harmony Place is certified by The Joint Commission for medical detox and behavioral health care services. We’re also a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Our progression of treatment follows the continuum of care established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), and we adhere to the treatment guidelines set forth by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Additionally, we’re one of the few treatment centers in the country that is licensed to offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in detox and through the duration of rehab, if necessary.

What else makes Harmony Place different than other rehab programs?

Besides our high staff-to-client ratio and our opulent amenities, we specialize in treating professionals who have important careers to get back to after they’ve regained their sobriety. We also have medical professionals on staff who help clients manage medications and health conditions beyond their substance use and mental health struggles.

We have a gourmet chef on staff who helps clients stick to a specific nutritional plan, and we offer several treatment services that you won’t find at most other rehabs, including:

  • Motivational enhancement therapy (MET)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic care
  • Psychodrama therapy
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Physical training

Harmony Place also believes strongly in incorporating families into the recovery process. We encourage family input and communication throughout their loved one’s time in rehab, since we know that the whole family must change and heal in order for recovery to last. Monthly family therapy sessions and weekly multi-family groups are included in our program, as well.

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