Quiz Results: Likely Addicted

Alcohol Assessment: Likely Addicted

Based on your answers to our questions, it appears that you may be struggling with alcohol dependence, if not full-blown addiction. Please note that this assessment is not an official diagnosis, and that our determination is based on a limited sampling of relevant questions. You’re still welcome to seek another opinion from a trusted physician, therapist or substance abuse counselor.

Nonetheless, whichever step you take from this moment, we recommend doing it with urgency. If you truly are suffering from addiction and you let it drag out, it will jeopardize your health, finances and many other areas of your life.

The good news is professional treatment can help you reclaim your life from alcoholism. Talk to the treatment experts at Harmony Place now to see how there’s a way out of your current pattern of alcohol consumption.

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Nearly 600,000 Americans were admitted into an alcohol treatment program in 2014.

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