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Alcohol Addiction Resource: From Alcoholism to Treatment

Alcohol addiction is a difficult disease to recognize and diagnose. Because alcohol is legal and readily available, drinking is often viewed as normal behavior, and problems may remain unnoticed longer than they should.

Abusing alcohol has serious consequences, as you might imagine. Binge drinking and alcohol dependence can contribute to strained relationships, financial trouble, personal insecurity and health issues. Without help, you may feel as if you are spiraling out of control, which may cause you to drink more.

Understanding Addiction

Understanding Addiction Alcohol Addiction: What Is It?

Once you hit 21 years old in the U.S., the world of alcohol is at your fingertips. You don’t have to look hard to find a place that serves alcohol. Beer, wine and liquor/spirits are big money makers for grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants and other establishments.

Unlike harder drugs like heroin or cocaine, alcohol addiction takes longer to unfold, and it often sneaks up on the drinker. And since alcohol is a legal substance, there’s normally very little stigma or few repercussions for drinking casually out in the open.

In the short term, alcohol can impair memory and vision and reduce coordination, but prolonged drinking can lead to a dependence on the substance. This means the person will feel strong withdrawal symptoms if they don’t get their next drink within 8 to 24 hours after the last one, depending on how strong their addiction is.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and Health Effects

Long-Term Health Effects of Alcoholism

Who Has Alcoholism?

Alcoholism permeates all races, genders and socioeconomic classes in the United States. And, as you might expect, it impacts those younger than 21, as well.

Here are some of the most prominent risk factors for predicting who might be affected by alcoholism:

  • Genetics – a family history of alcohol abuse or addiction
  • Upbringing – if you grew up around family members who drank heavily and didn’t discourage your alcohol use
  • Social Environment – surrounded by friends and/or coworkers who drink often; living close to several bars
  • Existing Mental Health Issues – making you turn to alcohol to try to manage the symptoms of mental illness

Stats on Alcohol Abuse in the U.S.

If any of this criteria sounds like you, please get in touch with us for help: 1 (888) 789-4330
Treating Alcohol Addiction

How Is Alcohol Addiction Treated?

Many people do not understand that alcohol addiction is a disease and that it requires professional treatment if an individual wants to overcome this addiction. Because alcohol is legal and therefore very accessible, the abuse of alcohol isn’t often taken as seriously as it should be.

Here at Harmony Place, we understand how devastating the effects of alcohol abuse and addiction can be. Our staff and counselors treat your addiction step-by-step, first by evaluating the nature of your disease and then by considering the best methods and program for treatment. By learning about who you are and identifying the experiences that have contributed to your addiction, you can take part in a personalized plan that helps you achieve lasting sobriety.

Clients new to the alcohol treatment program at Harmony Place will always undergo expert medical detox to safely overcome the harsh symptoms of withdrawal. We’re licensed to offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for patients who could benefit from such treatment.

After detox, our clients progress through residential treatment and eventually into our outpatient program for extended care. Through all phases of care, they will receive a tailored number of clinical, evidence-based and holistic services to heal the body and mind and understand how to live a sober lifestyle going forward.

Alcohol Issues We Treat

Frequently Asked Questions

Alcohol Addiction FAQs

If you still have any questions about alcohol addiction and the treatment thereof, see if we have your answers in these alcohol FAQs below or call us to learn more:

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