Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol use disorder, also known as alcoholism, involves the frequent or excessive consumption of alcohol leading to negative effects on the users’ mental and physical health. Job performance may be impacted and relationships may suffer as a result of the excessive drinking caused by alcoholism. Most often, alcoholism often begins as social drinking. Unfortunately, the act of social drinking can turn into an uncontrollable behavior that wreaks havoc on all aspects of their life for many individuals. Fortunately, once an individual recognizes their unhealthy relationship with alcohol, recovery can begin!

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol use disorder is a serious issue that affects 1 in every 12 men and 1 in every 25 women. Of these numbers, 60% also suffer from additional substance abuse or mental health problems. Mental health can play a strong role in substance use disorders, making it necessary for those battling alcohol addiction to follow a treatment program designed to meet their individual needs.

Alcohol Detox

The first step to recovery from alcohol use disorder is detox. During alcohol detox, the body rids itself of the harmful toxins built-up from frequent alcohol use. As the body flushes these toxins, withdrawal symptoms may arise, ranging from moderate to severe. Because of this range of severity, it is important to detox under the medical supervision of licensed professionals at an alcohol rehab facility  to ensure the safety and comfort of an individual undergoing the detox process. 

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Many alcohol treatment programs focus on breaking the habit of drinking, while ignoring the most important component of treatment, which is to address the underlying causes that led to the substance use disorder. Prior to starting an alcohol rehab program at Harmony Place, our team of addiction treatment specialists perform a complete assessment to effectively develop a customized treatment plan that addresses the unique needs of each individual. During treatment, clients have access to a wide range of services to aid in their program. This includes: clinical care, educational courses and therapy sessions in both group and one-on-one settings. Our goal, at Harmony Place, is to provide every client with the tools and support they need to overcome their addiction and maintain life-long sobriety even after their treatment program ends.

Therapy to Combat Alcohol Abuse

Understanding the reasons that led to dependence on alcohol is essential when undergoing an alcohol addiction recovery program. While at Harmony Place, you or your loved one will participate in individual and group therapy sessions. This will help the individual work through their struggles, both mental and physical, uncovering the roots of trauma and other underlying causes that have led to alcohol addiction. Group therapy provides a critical sense of community and support as clients share their stories and are able to relate to each while they work through the shared challenges related to alcohol addiction.  During both individual and group therapy, a licensed addiction therapist introduces various exercises to help facilitate recovery.

Inpatient Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment

Inpatient Treatment

An inpatient treatment program, also known as residential treatment, for alcohol addiction typically lasts between 30 and 90 days, but that length of time is uniquely based on the individual’s specific needs. At Harmony Place, our residential treatment program allows clients to stay at our rehab facility and become fully immersed in the program to bring about successful healing during their time in rehab. Throughout their stay, clients are provided with comfortable accommodations, healthy meals, access to medical care, therapy sessions, and a variety of engaging workshops. Our inpatient treatment program is exceptionally beneficial because it removes clients’ stressors by changing their current environment. This time period allows the client to safely detox while avoiding common triggers that could typically cause relapse.

Outpatient Treatment

An outpatient treatment program is ideal for clients seeking addiction treatment who cannot take time off from work, school, or family obligations. During outpatient treatment, each client will receive a customized plan giving them the help needed for maintaining their sobriety.  This is achieved by attending therapy, educational sessions, and different workshops based upon their unique treatment plan.

Identify the Problem

Identifying you have a problem with alcohol use is the first step toward addiction recovery. At Harmony Place, we commend our clients for recognizing they have a problem and taking the necessary steps to change their life for the better. Oftentimes, mental illness is a driving force behind addiction, which is why we have a team of mental health professionals and addiction treatment specialists on staff to help you identify any underlying conditions and devise a customized treatment plan to address your needs.

Effects of Excessive Alcohol use

Every 12 months, an anticipated 88,000 people—62,000 men and 26,000 women—die from alcohol-associated causes, making alcohol abuse the third leading cause of preventable death. Excessive alcohol consumption or binge drinking can result in several short-term and long-term health risks, including:

  • Cancer
  • Accidents, such as motor automobile crashes, falls, drownings, burns, and alcohol poisoning
  • Reminiscence issues
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Physical health troubles, such as excessive blood strain, coronary heart disorder, stroke, liver disease, and digestive problems
  • Pregnancy-related issues
  • Volatile sexual conduct
  • Social issues
  • Violence

Consequences of Alcohol Use Disorder

Millions of individuals are currently battling some form of alcohol dependency. Unfortunately, most of them will not seek treatment as they do not recognize they have a problem. There are several signs of alcohol dependency. However, someone with a minor alcohol addiction may only display two or three signs, while someone with more severe addiction may display four or five signs. Regardless, if you are displaying one to three, or more than six signs of substance abuse, it is time to seek help from a professional and experienced alcohol rehab center.

Withdrawal Symptoms

When stopping the use of alcohol cold turkey after abusing the substance for a long period of time, moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms may arise. At Harmony Place, we recommend a medical detox program at our professional and experienced alcohol rehab center. During medical detox, clients are provided with medical care, supervision, and support within a controlled environment to ensure their safety and comfort.

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At Harmony Place, we have a dedicated team of addiction treatment specialists to answer any questions you may have about alcohol rehab and help you or your loved one find the alcohol abuse treatment they need. A healthy, happy, and alcohol-free life is possible! Contact us today to get started!

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