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Detox San Diego

Detox San Diego

Detoxification is usually the first step in the recovery process from substance abuse, and oftentimes an uncomfortable experience that comes with challenging side effects. This process is when individuals suffer most from withdrawal symptoms and can feel tempted to relapse due to the physical and emotional discomfort experienced. Because of the risk of relapse and physical challenges the body undergoes, we recommend all individuals detox under the guidance of medical professionals. Learn more about our San Diego detox. 

At Harmony Place, we have medical staff on hand to oversee this process, and we offer a comfortable place to do this difficult work. Safety, comfort, and determination are guiding lights during detoxification, and our addiction specialists are prepared to help individuals successfully navigate this first step to recovery.

What To Expect During the Detox Process

Detox is the first step of addiction treatment, during which the body releases toxins after a period of heavy drug or alcohol consumption. Whether you are going to drug rehab or seeking alcohol treatment, this first step is crucial to treating a substance use disorder. 

When individuals suffer from addiction, their central nervous system comes to expect these harmful toxins, so the detox period is the time during which the body starts to readjust without those substances. Withdrawal symptoms can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening, so this step is fully medically supervised. Treatment centers may handle detox differently, but our main priority is providing top-tier medical supervision in a peaceful setting to make the detox process as comfortable as possible.

Symptoms During Detox

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are different for everyone, and the severity of these symptoms ranges depending on the nature of the addiction. Anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and nausea are all common symptoms, but they can escalate to flu-like symptoms, rapid heart rate, depression, and seizures. 

The best thing a treatment center can do during this time ensures patients are safe while experiencing withdrawal symptoms, so we make sure all detoxification is overseen by several medical professionals. In more serious cases, medication-assisted treatment is necessary to combat withdrawal symptoms, and our medical staff has the experience to oversee medication plans for individuals who suffer from substance abuse.

Mental Health Treatment

Mental health services are at the core of our addiction treatment center. During the detox phase, individuals may suffer from insomnia, anxiety, depression, and irritability, so in addition to traditional medical care, our treatment facility also offers extensive mental health services every step of the way. Individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy are all core tenants of our recovery program. 

We want patients to feel comfortable incorporating mental health care into their recovery journey, so mental health services begin right at the start, during the detox process. In some cases, medication-assisted treatment is also necessary to combat more severe mental health challenges. Thankfully, our staff understands the delicate nature of medication during the recovery process, and they are ready to create an individualized treatment plan to ensure all patients are safe and comfortable during the recovery process.

After Detox

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction are all-consuming, and detox is just the first step to a happier and healthier life. Detox is essential to rid the body of harmful substances, but it does not fully address the lasting behavioral changes needed for recovery. Our comprehensive treatment program begins after detox, with patients progressing through residential treatment and eventually moving on to our intensive outpatient program

We have treatment facilities equipped to handle recovery at each step. From detox through extended care, our clients receive a tailored number of clinical, evidence-based, and holistic services to heal the mind, body, and spirit.


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