Drug Rehab San Francisco

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment helps millions of Americans each year who take the courageous first step to seek support for the disease of addiction. If you or a loved one is going through the process of seeking addiction treatment, Harmony Place is here to help. 

Our team of addiction specialists near San Francisco keeps compassionate care and sustainable healing top of mind. With a wide variety of addiction treatment services and customizable programs that meet your unique needs, we are thankful that we can support you on this important journey. Read on to learn more about our treatment center and programs, and how we can help you achieve your sobriety goals. 

How Addiction Treatment Centers Work

You have decided you need the support of a professional addiction treatment center. Congratulations, you are well on your way to developing the skills for a lifetime of sobriety. The next step you must take is determining what level of care is the best fit for your needs. Our team at Harmony Place will assist you in determining the right level of care for the challenges you are experiencing. However, below you will find additional information to help you understand more about the drug rehab treatment process:

Inpatient Treatment

Our inpatient treatment programs in San Francisco, CA are full-time treatment programs that typically last 1-6 months depending on the needs of the individual. These programs include 24/7 medical monitoring to ensure that the individual stays safe throughout the process, especially during the detoxification process. This level of care is ideal for newly sober individuals, who have a severe addiction or are at immediate risk of relapse. 

While the primary goal of inpatient treatment is to acclimate an individual to live without substances and provide medical attention when necessary, mental healthcare services are also provided. There are a variety of ways to find support during this challenging yet rewarding process such as group therapy, support groups, and behavioral therapy.

Outpatient Treatment

Our outpatient treatment programs are part-time treatment programs that allow an individual to commute to a treatment center to receive treatment similar to inpatient programs but less intensive. The individual will still have the scheduling flexibility to go about their daily lives such as work or school while still receiving the addiction treatment services and can reside at their home or in a sober living home if desired while receiving treatment.

This level of care is a great fit for those with a less severe addiction, who are not at immediate risk of relapse or have recently completed an inpatient program. Our treatment center offers a wide range of outpatient programs, including:

Sober Living and Aftercare Programs

Sober living programs assist recovering addicts who may not have a home environment conducive to sober living. Oftentimes when an individual graduates from a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program and returns to their previous environment, there may be triggers that may hinder their sobriety. Sober living homes were created to support individuals in their recovery process while providing a temporary living home to support ongoing sobriety. 

Aftercare programs are also available through Harmony Place and provide an ideal environment to stay connected with alumni and friends from the program, and continue to strengthen a community that provides sobriety at the forefront.

Taking the Next Steps with Harmony Place

If you have decided to get help for drug use or drug addiction, you may be wondering what to expect from the treatment process. At Harmony Place, we want to ensure your process is as smooth as possible. Here is what to expect from the admissions process with our team: 

Step 1: Contact our treatment facility for an initial consultation and assessment. Be sure to ask about insurance coverage as some rehabs may only accept private health insurance. You can also ask about payment assistance if needed or if there is a sliding scale fee.

The assessment process should be fairly comprehensive to help our facility determine if you need additional mental health services and to determine which treatment program is right for you. This process often involves communication with you, your doctor, and your family to ensure you will be getting the treatment you need.

Step 2: Begin the intake process and work with our facility to determine your personalized treatment program.

Step 3: Begin treatment. The duration of treatment will be determined by our addiction specialists based on your needs and history of addiction. Certain rules will need to be followed during treatment to ensure the safety of yourself and other participants such as a zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol.

The Path to Addiction Recovery in the San Francisco Bay Area

No matter what your relationship is with substance abuse, if you are seeking treatment, there is compassionate support available to help you accomplish your goals and pursue lifelong sobriety.

If you are considering treatment and would like to know more about the variety of programs that we offer, reach out to us at any time. We look forward to getting to know you and supporting your addiction recovery journey.

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