Inpatient Rehab San Francisco

It can be overwhelming trying to find a drug and alcohol treatment center that provides compassionate care and serves your specific needs and goals for substance abuse treatment. But hope and help are available. At Harmony Place, we provide high-quality professional inpatient treatment services so you can start your journey to a sustainable recovery.

From our world-class treatment facilities to a professional staff that puts your health, wellness, and personalized treatment plan at the forefront, patients enrolled in our inpatient services find that Harmony Place is “a comfortable place to do difficult work.” Read on to learn more about our programs and how they can help you accomplish your recovery goals.

What to Expect: Inpatient Rehab at Harmony Place

Inpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addiction is the highest level of care available at Harmony Place and provides an intense level of support for those in the beginning stages of addiction recovery. Designed for patients with severe addictions or for those who are especially prone to relapse, our welcoming residential treatment—also known as rehab—offers a supportive and structured environment. 

Residential treatment programs require patients to live at our luxury facility free of drugs and alcohol, and patients are expected to complete regular drug testing to make sure they are following the rules and guidelines of the treatment facility. Patients are supervised 24/7 to ensure they are receiving appropriate care and staying in compliance with their treatment plan.

Mental Health and Inpatient Services

For those in inpatient treatment, our team provides a variety of mental health services to help support individuals transitioning to a life free of addictive substances. Patients at this level of treatment take advantage of numerous behavioral health services, including:

These resources and services are designed to help patients acclimate to their new lives free from addictive substances. With adequate care and preparation, patients can learn healthy strategies and coping mechanisms for handling alcohol and drug cravings and staying sober.

Who Benefits Most from Inpatient Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

The degree of structure and support offered by residential treatment centers isn’t for everyone, but it can be especially helpful for those who need extra support at the beginning stages of recovery. Patients with severe addictions find it helpful to have a built-in support network as well as a degree of separation from the stressors and environments that caused them to turn to drugs and alcohol in the first place. Those who are likely to relapse benefit from closer supervision and more regular treatment and therapy sessions.

Patients with mental health issues in need of dual diagnosis treatment also respond well to residential treatment. Inpatient rehab allows patients in need of mental health services to prioritize both their physical and mental health while simultaneously learning strategies for managing substance use disorder.

What happens after Inpatient Care?

Once an individual has graduated from the inpatient program, they may choose to step down to the outpatient level of care so they can continue to receive support while exercising a greater degree of responsibility and flexibility. Outpatient treatment options can also be a valuable resource for those who are further along in their recovery journeys and are looking for regular, ongoing support a few times a week.

Our  program offers the following outpatient services:

Our team will work directly with you to help you determine if another level of care is beneficial for your needs after the completion of inpatient treatment, and how we can best support you during that transition.

Taking the Next Steps: Beginning Inpatient Treatment near San Francisco with Harmony Place

At Harmony Place, our addiction professionals can help connect you with the treatment services and rehab centers in San Francisco, California, that will meet your needs. To learn more about the different treatment options available to you, reach out to us at any time. We look forward to providing you with the right level of support and care for the journey ahead.

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