Partial Hospitalization Program San Francisco

Everyone’s addiction journey is different, which means that each recovery process also has variation and nuance. Because of this, there are many different ways to seek treatment, and a partial hospitalization program (PHP) may be the right choice for you or your loved one.

At Harmony Place, we believe in providing the right level of care for the challenges you are facing when it comes to addiction. That’s why we provide a wide variety of treatment programs that cater directly to your needs. Read on to learn more about our PHP, and how it can assist you in reaching your sobriety goals.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program is a type of outpatient program for those struggling to overcome substance abuse. In a partial hospitalization program, those seeking recovery spend anywhere several hours per day at the rehabilitation center for up to six days per week. Once daily treatment is over, patients return to their own homes to sleep each night. 

This treatment is catered to the direct needs of each individual and provides a variety of psychiatric care and holistic health practices, including medication management and recovery-related medical treatments. The focus of these treatments is to help individuals develop the life skills needed for long-term recovery.

Partial Hospitalization vs. Inpatient Programs – San Francisco

Many people believe a fully residential program is the only way to seek substance abuse treatment, but a PHP is a wonderful alternative if inpatient care does not work for you. Unlike those in inpatient treatment, those In partial hospitalization programs receive full-time care, but they sleep in their own homes and do not live at the rehabilitation center. 

That’s why they are an excellent alternative for people who have a supportive and sober environment to return home to each night. In many cases, someone seeking a PHP caught their addiction-related behaviors early and does not need the seclusion of an inpatient program. Even though it isn’t 24/7 care, a PHP is extremely extensive and includes everything needed for long-term success, including medical attention, case management services, holistic health practices, and coping mechanisms to implement following treatment.

Mental Health Treatment During a Partial Hospitalization Program

Mental health treatment is the cornerstone of our holistic approach to recovery. All of our programs start with an extensive psychiatric evaluation that is designed to help us develop the most comfortable and effective treatment program possible. Individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy are all part of our core practices, and we believe that mental health and addiction care require several types of therapy for a full recovery. 

In our partial hospitalization program, participants attend different types of therapy, including:

These therapies assist individuals with their mental health conditions and substance abuse in conjunction with each other and work to help individuals develop more positive coping skills needed for future recovery. 

What Comes After Partial Hospitalization Programs?

After the intensive treatment of a PHP, long-term recovery is all about maintaining stability and practicing coping mechanisms to avoid any substance use. Support groups, regular therapy, aftercare programs, and general health and wellness are all critical for lifelong success. 

Even though you or your loved one’s stay at Harmony Place is temporary, we spend much of our PHP preparing our clients to return to everyday life, and we equip them with the tools and care they need to maintain health and sobriety long after treatment ends. Our treatment services focus on many areas of life, such as interpersonal relationships, general motivation, and long-term happiness.

Partial Hospitalization at Harmony Place

At Harmony Place, we provide a comfortable place to do difficult work. Individuals can receive care at our comfortable, full-scale rehabilitation center and return home each night to the familiarity of their own homes. Our PHP includes all of our holistic recovery programs, including nutritional support, outdoor recreation, individual therapy and group sessions, trauma-sensitive yoga, and more. We are ready to get you back on your feet and help you commit to long-term success. 

If you have any additional questions about our PHP, or what to expect at our treatment facility, reach out at any time. We look forward to supporting you on your journey to a sober future.

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