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Luxury Rehab Centers for Addiction Treatment

Recovering from substance abuse can be daunting, and recovering addicts can quickly fall into old habits when worrying about their personal needs. That is why Harmony Place offers luxury rehab centers to encourage the recovery journey.

When entering addiction treatment, many people are concerned about the clinic-type atmosphere they encounter at traditional substance abuse treatment centers. When you choose a luxury rehab like Harmony Place in Los Angeles, California, you go through recovery in a resort-style setting with top-tier rehab amenities.

Located in Southern California: Los Angeles and Woodland Hills, California, our beautiful facility sits in a quiet neighborhood with ultimate privacy. Upon entering treatment, our highly experienced psychological and clinical team conduct a complete and thorough assessment and biopsychosocial evaluation to determine and develop a complete and thorough ongoing treatment plan, with
client involvement, utilizing short and long-term goals and objectives to compile a realistic plan for long-term recovery.

Our luxury rehab centers allow our clients to get quality treatment as they leave past trauma behaviors behind and build healthy habits before joining the “real world.” Being in luxury rehab centers is supposed to emulate living at home, and the amenities offered to make the transition as seamless as possible.

The Amenities of Luxury Rehab in Los Angeles

While in treatment, clients at our luxury rehab center in Los Angeles can live comfortably and enjoy their surroundings as they go through the recovery journey. Those who attend our luxury drug rehab are offered a variety of amenities such as:

  • A gourmet chef and licensed nutritionist to work with meals, weight, and special diets.
  • Fitness programs by licensed and certified trainers three times per week at the facility with access to a full-scale gym. 
  • Swimming and jacuzzi as ordered by MD.
  • Immaculate rooms and grounds with daily cleaning service.
  • Flatscreen TV and comfortable seating in the living room.

We believe that healing patients need to join a community who are leaving the treatment facility and build lasting relationships as they enter long-term recovery. There are group therapy sessions to create a sense of belonging as they move past the mental health issues of addiction.

All clients are treated in a caring and nurturing environment with staff, many of whom are in recovery themselves, who understand the recovery process and treat all clients with dignity and respect without judgment. Our luxury treatment facility has JCAHO National Accreditation for ‘A Program of Excellence’ certified by the national Joint Commission of Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations.

What You Gain From Luxury Rehab Centers in Los Angeles

Clients who attend luxury drug rehab centers often report that the amenities and recovery services help build extra support to keep them from relapsing. Skills and habits that clients learn through the support they receive in our rehabs centers are:

  • Therapy sessions to encourage growth and understanding.
  • Form healing relationships that teach clients to find support.
  • Adopting positive values to live a better quality of life.
  • Being aware of how their actions affected others and gaining personal responsibility.
  • A cooperative environment where trained therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, residential staff, and others meet regularly to discuss the needs of each resident.

Harmony Place’s luxury drug rehab center in California caters to your needs. We help everyone who attends our rehab facility build healthy habits for a sober life. Not only do you gain the skills you need to prevent relapse, but you also make a strong support group.

Rather than doing the same recovery techniques for everyone our treatment team pinpoints your unique care needs to customize your individual luxury healing experience. At Harmony Place, even after rehab, we are a community that will stay with patients for life. Once a part of the Harmony Place family, you have support for the rest of your journey.

Why go to a Luxury Drug Rehab in Los Angeles?

It’s worth considering a luxury drug rehab center in Los Angeles for treatment to have a calm and positive experience. With affordable treatment options, solid therapeutic interventions, and strong treatment modalities, you will receive the care your unique situation calls for. Luxurious amenities and progressive treatment services are just a few of the things that differentiate our treatment facility from clinics in Los Angeles with a distinctive hospital feel.

Attending treatment or sending a loved one to a rehab facility is never easy. Family members want to ensure that their loved ones are taken care of to the fullest extent. Our luxury rehab treatment options offer a way to combine dual-path healing with traditional paths of support to ease a patient’s mind and offer the best care possible in Los Angeles.

Once the patient has established a foundation for recovery, the next step is to put those coping strategies for maintaining sobriety into practice in real-life situations.

The primary focus for our clients is long-term recovery which is why at Harmony Place, we provide the amenities and therapeutic modalities to help reach those goals. While focusing on building healthy skills, clients can learn what their triggers are in a healthy setting and build skills to prevent relapse. Our treatment outcomes speak for themselves.

The goal of drug and alcohol rehab facilities is to get patients back on track to a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life free from substance use. We emphasize accommodations as one can not truly focus on sobriety if they are uncomfortable. Luxury rehabs allow clients to not worry about their living quarters and solely focus on building lasting skills.


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