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Drug and Alcohol Rehab West Palm Beach

Drug and Alcohol Rehab West Palm Beach

If you’re living in West Palm Beach Florida, then you know how beautiful it can be. If you’re struggling with alcohol or drug use—then it doesn’t matter if the sun is out, the sand is inviting, or the nightlife is exciting—because every day is gloomy when you’re struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. If nothing you’ve tried on your own seems to work for getting clean and sober, why not take a look at inpatient treatment at Harmony Place Rehab West Palm Beach Florida?
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“Like other chronic diseases, addiction can be managed successfully. Treatment enables people to counteract addiction’s powerful disruptive effects on the brain and behavior and to regain control of their lives.” – The National Institute on Drug Abuse

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Addiction in West Palm Beach FL

How Addiction is Affecting West Palm Beach

Like most other destination areas in the country,  drug and alcohol addiction in West Palm Beach and throughout the Miami area is affecting thousands of people struggling to get some semblance of order in their lives. From individuals to families and loved ones, West Palm Beach is not exempt from the damaging effects of substance abuse. High on the list of drugs creating severe damage are opioids and the opioid related overdoses and deaths associated with using. In addition, methamphetamines and cocaine are also widely used.

In addition, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimates there is close to 60,000 Palm Beach County residents using marijuana and 33,000 people using other addictive substances currently, on a regular basis or in the past 30 days.

According to the statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA),  there were 2,798 opioid-related overdose deaths­­­ in Florida in 2016—higher than the national rate at  14.4 deaths per 100,000 persons compared to 13.3 deaths per 100,000 persons. In the past several years, Florida, including West Palm Beach and surrounding areas, has seen an exponential increase in the number of drug related deaths with an emphasis on synthetic opioids. For instance, in 2016, there was reported 1,566 synthetic opioid-related deaths compared to 200 deaths three years prior. 

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment for West Palm Beach

We understand the attraction to live in West Palm Beach and its surrounding areas. Oftentimes what draws us in to a place becomes the hardest to get away from when it becomes familiar. However, removing yourself from areas that “trigger” drug and alcohol use is important for creating a healthy lifestyle of lasting sobriety. By getting off the “roller-coaster” of addiction and removing yourself from a potentially harmful environment can kickstart you into creating a foundation for well-being.

We understand the lifestyle of West Palm Beach. The geographical area that attracts people to West Palm Beach also makes it a danger zone of easy access for both international and local criminal organizations to import and sell large quantities of drugs due to the state’s harbors.

Harmony Place Drug Rehab West Palm Beach FL prides itself as a top-notch rehab facility where residents can do the necessary work in order to get well in a safe and structured environment.

Getting Treatment

What Happens in Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment?

Treatment for drug and alcohol dependency begins in residential, or what is commonly called “rehab.”  Rehab is a 24/7 inpatient phase that includes detox from a substance or multiple substances and a 30-day average program to help build the foundation for sobriety. This includes seeing MD’s and medical staff, an experienced mental health team, licensed therapists, as well as other integrative modalities. Group sessions include drug and alcohol education, process groups, 12-Step related meetings, and life skills groups.

To find out the specifics of the program, you may contact admissions to discuss what a typical week looks like while you are in treatment.

Most people entering residential treatment will need to detoxify from the substance or substances that are in their system. The length of drug and alcohol detox is based on several factors, including amount and length of use.  The drug and alcohol detox phase is carefully monitored by a doctors and nurses. When a client is determined to be healthy enough to participate in all programming, including attending excursions outside the treatment center in West Palm Beach, they will be given a medical clearance by the doctor on staff. The typical length of the detox phase is 5-7 days.

After the residential phase a client will be moved to partial hospitalization (PHP) and subsequently intensive outpatient (IOP) and lastly outpatient (OP) –these phases are part of an overall program which is specifically designed with the client’s benefit in mind.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in West Palm Beach should be taken seriously. It is a commitment to begin a life free of drugs and alchol. A 90-day minimum treatment program individualized to fit each person’s needs is recommended.  Addiction is often the symptom of deeper trauma and emotional issues which need to be addressed.

Harmony Place assists our clients in the transitionary phases, helps create new life skills, and educates on how to apply tools to create happier, healthier lives free of drug and alcohol.

After Treatment

What Happens After Addiction Treatment?

Transitions (change) are often the most difficult time for newly sober people to manage.  At Harmony place (Drug Rehab South Florida), we assist our clients with making smooth transitions.

Once leaving the inpatient treatment center in West Palm Beach, people will enter phases such as the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Outpatient Program (OP). Each of these levels are still connected to the treatment team and treatment plan set up during the time spent in residential. You don’t have to start over, you continue on, just with less programming sessions throughout the day and more time to do necessary things for yourself with the ultimate goal of returning to your life.

As the initial treatment plan was set up and created in the residential phase—a person has a much higher success rate in maintaining sobriety and not relapsing.

If the decision is to return home to West Palm Beach, the specific aftercare plan will be needed to be in place to help succeed prior to living in the same environment. If a decision is to stay closer to the newly created sober support from Harmony Place – Treatment Center West Palm Beach FL, then that will also need to be addressed. Practicalities such as school, work, relationships are all included in the comprehensive treatment plan.

Treatment plans are individually designed by a professional team and involve client input. They should be followed throughout all phases of treatment for optimal positive outcomes, though they are open to change due to circumstances.

Popular in the continued care and ongoing support system are 12 -Step groups, which are all over West Palm Beach and surrounding areas, and available in most places around the world.  When creating a treatment plan with the clinical staff while you are in rehab, it will be important to locate meetings in your area.

To find Alcoholic Anonymous meetings in West Palm Beach, you can access the directory online  or call. From Lake Park, South Olive and Boyton Beach there are several 12 -Step meetings at all hours of the day. !2 -Step meetings are also available for friends and loved ones of addicts. While you’re in rehab, you might suggest to your family to attend a few meetings to help educate them on the disease. If you return to West Palm Beach after treatment, they can be better supportive through the adjustment period.

If you’re ready to talk addiction recovery, please get in touch with us for help: 1 (888) 789-4330
Getting Help

Getting the Help You Need

You may need to leave West Palm Beach and find that across the country is a safe place to land. All you need to do is pick up a phone and make a call—a kind and helpful admissions person will be ready to answer any of your concerns. If you’re not up to calling directly, you can go to our website and chat online if that’s more comfortable.

Our Drug Rehab in West Palm Beach are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, don’t wait if you need help. Harmony Place accepts several insurance plans for your residential inpatient and outpatient treatment.

We understand getting clean and sober is difficult work. Harmony Place provides a comfortable place in which to begin the process.

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