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How to Find the Best Drug & Alcohol Rehab

California Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction affects every aspect of your health and wellbeing, which is why at Harmony Place, you can find a variety of addiction treatment programs that focus on you as an individual. Harmony Place offers the entire continuum of care to those seeking to recover from drug or alcohol addiction with our extensive options through our addiction treatment programs. Our substance abuse treatment centers in Los Angeles, CA can help you recover safely and effectively.

Based in the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills, Harmony Place has several California substance abuse treatment programs to support each stage of addiction treatment and the recovery process. Scroll below to see the path to recovery you or a loved one could take at Harmony Place, and delve further into any program or facility of interest to learn more about its role in the larger rehab picture. By focusing on the individual’s needs, including physical, emotional, and mental health care, Harmony Place strives to be one of the best drug abuse and alcohol abuse treatment centers in Los Angeles.

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Residential Inpatient


What WE Offer At Harmony Place

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

Studies on addiction treatment often classify programs by a series of categories. Treatment methods are evolving, diversification is increasing, and most programs today do not conform to traditional drug addiction treatment classification. Often most patients have detoxification and medical-managed withdrawal; this is often the first step in the treatment process. Detoxifying is the process of removing substances from a person’s body to control the inflammatory and physiological effects of a stopping drug. However, at Harmony Place, we believe in a comprehensive and client-centered approach to treatment, which treats the whole person, not only the addiction but the client’s mental health as well.

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A bed at treatment centers in Los Angeles through Harmony Place.
Treatment Centers in Los Angeles through Harmony Place.
The First Step In The Treatment Process

Detoxification at a Medically-Assisted Detox Facility in LA

Your path to recovery should begin with outlasting withdrawal in a safe and supportive environment. Harmony Place uses medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in detox once a new client begins our highly lauded residential program. When you start your recovery journey, a dedicated team of addiction treatment specialists will work with you. This is why Harmony Place offers medical detox and other addiction treatment programs for those who are trying to end substance abuse in their lives.

Detoxification is clearing toxins from the body of a person who has been using alcohol or drugs. Detox works to reduce the physical harm caused by the abuse of substances, such as opioid addiction, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction, or other drug use.

Medically assisted detox is the use of medication to help individuals safely work through the withdrawal symptoms felt during this period. Withdrawal from certain substances can be uncomfortable and even life-threatening in some cases. A medication-assisted detox can help ease the impact of drug and alcohol withdrawal. Since detox addresses the serious physical effects of withdrawal, medication-assisted treatment and supervised drug and alcohol detox are recommended for some substances more than others.

Detox and medically managed withdrawal is usually considered the first stage of alcohol and drug rehab. However, detox alone does not focus on the psychological, social, and behavioral problems connected to addiction. Therefore, it doesn’t typically produce the lasting behavior changes needed for recovery. Ideally, rehab centers follow detox with a professional assessment and a comprehensive addiction treatment program.

Where the Real Work Begins

Residential Inpatient Treatment Program at Harmony Place

Our residential treatment program is housed in an elegant, gated property near Los Angeles. It’s a co-ed program with gender-separated living quarters. This 30-day program, or more extended depending on your specific needs, supports up to 12 residents at a time, with a high staff-to-client ratio. Our residential programs provide a safe place to turn to for substance abuse treatment for those struggling with addiction. Residential treatment, or inpatient rehabilitation, can assist those who suffer from the following challenges:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Cognitive Development
  • Problems Related to Personality
  • Compulsive Behaviors

At inpatient or residential alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers, individuals receive a higher level of care. The intensive therapeutic services an individual receives in residential rehab equips them with the skills they will need to continue overcoming substance abuse.

Residential, or inpatient treatment, can be short-term (30 days) or long-term, 60 days, 90 days, or longer. In a long-term residential treatment program, individuals can receive medical supervision 24-hours a day, generally in a non-hospital facility. Benefits of long-term inpatient rehab include:

  • Therapy sessions that encourage growth and understanding

  • Learning to support each other and form healing relationships in group therapy and family therapy sessions

  • Practice adopting positive values that encourage a healthy quality of life

  • Learning personal responsibility as they see how their actions affected others

  • A supportive structure that helps residents manage the tasks of daily life such as taking medications and practicing good self-care

  • A cooperative environment where trained therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, residential staff, and others meet regularly to discuss the needs of each resident. This allows for a specialized program and care for each individual.

Although outcomes vary from program to program, studies show that long-term residential programs lead to lasting change more often than outpatient settings. At Harmony Place, clients receive comprehensive substance abuse inpatient treatment, focusing on dual diagnosis therapy for both drug use and mental health.

Boutique Environment

Chef-Prepared Meals

Semi-Private Rooms

Pool & Outdoor Lounge

Your Options For Continued Care

Outpatient Treatment Programs in Los Angeles, CA

We know that recovery success needs more than 30 days of treatment, so we offer trusted outpatient services to clients right out of the residential program. Our outpatient facility is just a stone’s throw away from our residential property. Our team works with clients to remain focused on recovery as they take their first steps toward navigating a sober life outside residential treatment. However, our outpatient rehab program for addiction is designed to not only serve individuals who are extending their care beyond residential rehab, but also provide the option for outpatient services to those who do not require the more structured detox and residential addiction treatment setting.

We offer several layers of outpatient rehab as well:

Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): a bridge between the residential and outpatient phases of care. Of the three, PHP requires the most days and hours in treatment within a week.

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): immerses patients in a healthy environment that teaches them to change. IOPs are most commonly used to address drug addictions after patients have gone through rehab.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment: the outpatient stage is ideal for living outside of a residential rehab environment, but still receiving helpful therapy and education that helps keep relapse at bay.

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    Keeping You Connected For Life

    Aftercare & Alumni

    Recovery doesn’t end after you leave treatment. We offer complete aftercare services, such as our sober living program, to help our graduates avoid relapse. This includes alumni-specific activities at our residential facility, where they can meet and mentor our current residents. Graduates of our residential and outpatient programs are invited to remain a part of the Harmony Place family by participating in our Alumni Program. We have support services such as weekly alumni meetings, an online support group, social events, and the opportunity to grow as a leader by becoming a Harmony Place Mentor.

    • Absolutely the best recovery center around.

      I am forever grateful to have had this experience. I would recommend anyone who wanted help to come here. This place literally saved my life. I have overcome so many obstacles that always stood in the way of my recovery. It’s not just because I was ready… the approaches the therapists use come from an empathetic, compassionate, and understanding place. They were able to hold the mirror up and help guide me through making solid changes.

      Daniel H.
      August 2017
    • This place literally saved my life.

      After overdosing, my parents forced me to check into rehab.After interviewing many other facilities, I decided to go to Harmony Place from my home in Phoenix. I was struggling with…a drug addiction and had been trying for years to recover. In the past, left 2 treatment centers AMA and 1 AWOL. I had very negative experiences in the other treatment facilities, especially with my therapists, so I didn’t go in with an open mind or good attitude- even though they worked with my parents regarding finances. However, the staff was patient with me. The techs were kind, knowledgeable, and many were in recovery themselves.

      Mary M.
    • They Answered on the First Call

      When I called Harmony Place…I knew immediately that this was the right place for my child… Harmony Place is specifically designed for…and tailored to providing a safe environment. The staff [are knowledgeable and some are in recovery]. The staff knew each client and were on top of each client’s progress. Harmony Place has a small clientele and each client are able to receive all the help they were entitled to. I would recommend Harmony Place to anyone who is looking for a small setting… My daughter is currently going into sober living and her counselors did a wonderful job in finding a right fit for her – affordable, safe and a good environment for her.

    • I’ve Been Searching for the Perfect Words…

      I left Harmony Place in August of 2015 and I have been searching for the perfect words to describe my experience during my stay; and still I can’t really find them. How do you really describe a place with a staff and a program that saved you? Addiction is a terrible thing to go through and a heart breaking thing for your loved ones to watch. Many people, including myself go into different treatment centers throughout their addiction searching for ways to find recovery. Nothing worked for me, not the 5 rehab stays I had, then, I came here.

      Dominique C.
    Let Us Help You Overcome Addiction

    Find Your Path to Lasting Recovery Today at Harmony Place

    Located just outside of Los Angeles, California, Harmony Place offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs for individuals who want to overcome substance abuse for good. Our experienced team of addiction professionals is here to help you find your own individual journey to long-term, sustainable recovery. Contact our admissions coordinators, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to learn more about our top-rated drug & alcohol treatment programs in Los Angeles, California.

    No matter what, we are here to help you find the treatment options that work best for your individual needs.