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Is Alcohol overtaking Your Life?

Personal Alcohol Assessment

How to Tell If I Have a Drinking Problem?

Online Alcohol
Assessment Quiz

Has your drinking reached the point of addiction? Do a self-evaluation here, and see where to turn next.

Did you know that roughly a quarter of the adult population in the U.S. will binge drink at least once a month? Alcohol is a legal substance and widely available, but although a majority of the population will imbibe from time to time, that doesn’t mean you should let your drinking issues go on unabated if alcohol is causing true damage to your health, finances, relationships and more.

More than half of all substance abuse treatment center admissions each year involve at least some level of alcohol addiction. In 2014, about 36 percent of the 1.6 million admissions were for alcohol as the primary substance of abuse. Even without numbers such as these, you’re probably well aware that many people struggle with alcohol abuse across the country; and if you think you might be in the same boat, you’d be far from alone.

Now you’re at the point where you start gathering some second (and third, etc.) opinions on whether your drinking tendencies have reached the point of alcohol addiction, or alcoholism. From the comfort of your home computer or mobile phone, you can take this free online assessment we’ve put together to help you determine if it’s time to pursue treatment for an alcohol problem.

Keep in mind you can also take this test on behalf of a close family member or friend whose daily habits and behaviors you’re well familiar with.

Are you worried that your drinking habits (or those of a loved one) might have reached the point where you need to seek professional help or treatment?

Take this 15-question online assessment to get our best evaluation of the situation. Please answer every question as honestly and accurately as possible. Once you finish the assessment and get your result, we’ll let you know where you should turn next.


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