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About Our Rehab Centers In Los Angeles, CA

Why We Do What We Do

About Harmony Place

“I have realized through my 30 years of experience in the addiction treatment and mental health fields the agonizing truth about addiction – addiction is winning. I consider myself a therapist first and CEO second, consequently, I created Harmony Place, assembled a team of dedicated professionals, and set out to campaign against the disease of addiction.”

At Harmony Place, we focus on potential rather than pathology. We anticipate the issues inherent in living a sober lifestyle for individuals leaving treatment. Like most Los Angeles rehab centers, Harmony Place utilizes evidence-based practices to deliver intensive individualized care to our clients. Beyond that, we take pride in our pointed aftercare planning. We strongly endorse clients to continue treatment in an outpatient setting and sober living program.

To that end, Harmony Place has an extended outpatient treatment program and transitional housing where we concentrate on a key component for recovery–productivity.

If you or a loved one are seeking freedom from the ravages of addiction, our admissions team is here to answer your questions and assist you in the process of finding a placement where your full potential can be realized.

Jeffrey H. Schwartz, LCSW, Founder & CEO


How We Make a Difference

Harmony Place is among the premier drug and alcohol rehab centers in Los Angeles, California. Located on a private, picturesque residential tree-lined street in the San Fernando Valley, Harmony Place is a co-ed facility that treats a maximum of 12 clients. While treatment and recreational facilities are shared, sleeping accommodations are gender-specific and located in separate living quarters.

The rose garden is home to our one-of-a-kind spiritual tree house.

We believe in hospitality and emphasize physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness as part of recovery. Our gourmet chef provides nutritional support, while weekly massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and yoga sessions support physical and mental healing. Psychodrama, equine-assisted psychotherapy, and physical fitness complete the mind, body, and soul continuum.

We have been treating addiction for over 20 years, and have gained a reputation as one of the best rehab centers in Los Angeles. What makes us different is the depth and range of our staff, our commitment to using the most effective evidence-based approaches, maximized individual therapy sessions, and an environment that promotes healing and wellness.

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Unlike Any Other Treatment Center

What Makes Our Los Angeles Rehab Centers Stand Out

We understand that finding the best addiction treatment center to meet your needs—and the needs of your family—can be challenging and perhaps even overwhelming. We encourage you to contact us directly if you are unsure what information you need or even which questions to ask.

How Harmony Place Is Unlike Other Rehab Centers:

  • Our staff includes medical physicians and a psychiatrist who are directly involved in the care and education of our clients.
  • We offer highly individualized care with three one-on-one sessions held with a primary therapist every week, in addition to a wide variety of group therapies and activities.
  • Our custom programming is designed to help clients explore and develop deeper relationships.
  • We accept most PPO insurance, and our staff specializes in insurance assistance.
  • We also specialize in integrated, customized care of various addictions along with associated mental and behavioral health issues. This is often referred to as dual diagnosis treatment.

Why We Do What We Do

The Harmony Place Mission & Philosophy

The core mission of Harmony Place is to provide superior care to our clients. We value compassion and care as channels to respect and dignity rarely experienced by those afflicted with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. With this philosophy in mind, we endeavor to be your preferred healthcare provider for alcohol and substance abuse treatment.

Our residential program prides itself on delivering a comprehensive, integrated clinical program. We combine proactive relapse prevention education with evidenced-based therapies such as CBT and DBT. In addition, we explore core issues utilizing psychodynamic theory, examine personal expression through experiential groups and draw from holistic modalities to foster comfort, satisfaction, and motivation in recovery.

if you want something to change

Certifications & Accreditations

A High Standard of Addiction Treatment


Holistic Approach

Treating addiction is so much more than helping an individual refrain from using a particular substance. Addiction is a problem that affects the mind, body, and spirit.

Harmony Place believes in providing treatment that integrates proven holistic methods to foster recovery. These methods include 12-step facilitation, cognitive-behavioral techniques, motivational therapies, and other techniques. Such supplemental holistic methods are important to addiction treatment, as they address core emotional and psychological issues.

Clinical Care

Harmony Place takes an integrated, evidence-based approach to addiction recovery. Our weekly program schedule is purposefully designed to educate the individual about the addiction, how the addiction manifests in them, and how it emerges in them after they are detoxed and free from substances.

Blending multiple modalities is meant to strike the right chord to motivate the addict to change. From admission to discharge, our structured treatment program supports effective treatment plan outcomes.

The Harmony Chord rises beyond the normal standard of care.

The multiple modalities provided in our program include:

  • Comprehensive Pre-Admission Assessments – reviewed and approved by a licensed health care practitioner
  • Nursing Assessments – completed by licensed LVNs and RNs (i.e. nursing assessment, nutritional assessment, PPD test, suicide risk assessment, pain assessment, CIWAs, and COWS)
  • Psychosocial Assessment
  • Patient History and Physical Assessment
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Psychological Tests (i.e. MMPI, Beck inventories, etc.)
  • Individual Therapy – three sessions per week with a licensed therapist
  • Group Therapy – more than 25 hours per week of structured group therapy facilitated by certified clinicians, including groups such as:
    • Process Groups
    • Didactic Educational Modules
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Motivational Interviewing
    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
    • Experiential Groups
    • Expressive Arts
    • Relapse Prevention Groups
    • Vocational Counseling
  • Family Therapy – individualized sessions with clients as well as multi-family groups
  • Adjunct Services – such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, nutrition counseling, fitness, etc.
  • Support Group Meeting Attendance
  • Aftercare Planning
  • Alumni Groups

At Harmony Place, our goal is to be among the best rehab centers in Los Angeles, California, through compassionate and expert care with an emphasis on treating each individual with dignity.

Harmony Place is a California state-licensed treatment facility and a leader in evidence-based treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. We offer an integrated program that maximizes clinical service and education.

Harmony Place provides top-tier yet cost-effective treatment by coordinating a system of sub-acute detox, co-ed residential, outpatient, transitional living, and aftercare services that are aligned with our vision, spirit, and clinical requirements.

Caring & Compassionate Treatment Professionals

Meet The Harmony Place Team

Our professional addiction treatment and recovery care team includes:
  • Contracted physicians specializing in addiction care
  • Contracted addiction psychiatrist, who utilizes a holistic approach
  • Licensed counselors and therapists
  • Licensed vocational nurses, on site 24/7
  • Support staff specially trained in understanding & caring for our clients
  • A gourmet chef
  • Specialists in psychodrama, EMDR, DBT, somatic therapies & art therapy
  • Specially trained admissions specialists and discharge coordinators

Executive Team

Jeffrey H. Schwartz, LCSW

Founder and CEO
LCS #18233

David Cohen, LCSW

Clinical Director
BBS License: #76407

Jennifer Dale Bricklin, MS, LMFT

Director of Alumni and Aftercare
LMFT #84555

Liz Margolis, RADT

Director of
Client Relations

Rebecca L. Abel, J.D.

Utilization Management &
Compliance Coordinator

Eric Markel

Director of Aftercare & Alumni Services

Clinical Team

Seth Bricklin, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist
PSY #18831

Sara Johnson, RN

Director of Nursing at Harmony Place East

Brian Capp, MFT

LMFT #44700

Andrew Greif, MFT

LMFT #42217

Michelle Howard, LMFT

LMFT #125119

Jeff Kurokouchi, RADT

Facility Tech/Coordinator

Dr. Paulette Melina, PsyD

PsyD #PSB94027157

Joanna Lord, AMFT

AMFT #: 138090

Anna Heta Tehranzadeh

LMFT License # 113684

Colten Holmes

Med Tech Advisor
Valley Restoration Center

Medical Doctors

Julio Meza, M.D

Medical Director

Shaza Hummel

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Leslie Langley

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Admissions, Wellness & Support Team

Amos Van Landingham

Director of Admissions

Nelson Murata

Admissions Coordinator

Krystal Merlin

Aftercare Coordinator/Group Facilitator

Michelle Ramos

Administrative Assistant/Intake Coordinator
  • Absolutely the best recovery center around.

    I am forever grateful to have had this experience. I would recommend anyone who wanted help to come here. This place literally saved my life. I have overcome so many obstacles that always stood in the way of my recovery. It’s not just because I was ready… the approaches the therapists use come from an empathetic, compassionate, and understanding place. They were able to hold the mirror up and help guide me through making solid changes.

    Daniel H.
    August 2017
  • This place literally saved my life.

    After overdosing, my parents forced me to check into rehab.After interviewing many other facilities, I decided to go to Harmony Place from my home in Phoenix. I was struggling with…a drug addiction and had been trying for years to recover. In the past, left 2 treatment centers AMA and 1 AWOL. I had very negative experiences in the other treatment facilities, especially with my therapists, so I didn’t go in with an open mind or good attitude- even though they worked with my parents regarding finances. However, the staff was patient with me. The techs were kind, knowledgeable, and many were in recovery themselves.

    Mary M.
  • They Answered on the First Call

    When I called Harmony Place…I knew immediately that this was the right place for my child… Harmony Place is specifically designed for…and tailored to providing a safe environment. The staff [are knowledgeable and some are in recovery]. The staff knew each client and were on top of each client’s progress. Harmony Place has a small clientele and each client are able to receive all the help they were entitled to. I would recommend Harmony Place to anyone who is looking for a small setting… My daughter is currently going into sober living and her counselors did a wonderful job in finding a right fit for her – affordable, safe and a good environment for her.

  • I’ve Been Searching for the Perfect Words…

    I left Harmony Place in August of 2015 and I have been searching for the perfect words to describe my experience during my stay; and still I can’t really find them. How do you really describe a place with a staff and a program that saved you? Addiction is a terrible thing to go through and a heart breaking thing for your loved ones to watch. Many people, including myself go into different treatment centers throughout their addiction searching for ways to find recovery. Nothing worked for me, not the 5 rehab stays I had, then, I came here.

    Dominique C.
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