Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Harmony Place

We’re Proud to Announce That We Recently Added Two New Facilities to Better Serve Your Recovery Needs

Harmony Place Aftercare

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center
We provide the same high quality of personalized, evidence-based treatment as at our inpatient facility. We offer a compassionate, individualized outpatient program for adult men and women specializing in treating drug and alcohol abuse, behavior addiction, co-occurring disorders and trauma.

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Harmony Place Sanlo Transitional Living

Extended Care Home
This bright and spacious group home provides a haven for our clients while they are attending Harmony Place Aftercare. The serene environment allows our Extended Care clients to focus on recovery, gain independence and develop new behavior and coping skills for long-term success and sobriety.

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Addiction Treatment Focused on Change

We understand that when seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you are making a choice. This is not just in choosing to seek help, but also choosing from the many drug rehab centers available. This choice is one of the most important decisions you will make, and here at Harmony Place we want you to understand how we are able to help you.

Harmony Place in Southern California was created by an extraordinary team of experts in addiction treatment. With decades of collective experience, we recognize the importance of using science-based treatments so individuals can experience a sustained recovery. Although we believe group therapy is essential, it is more important to maximize private sessions. Recovery doesn’t just happen; it requires professional guidance. Your treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is personalized for you. We treat all types of substance abuse problems; including drug addiction, alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Personalized Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Harmony Place is a co-ed facility, with men’s and women’s housing, that provides personalized drug addiction treatment services. Within our two beautiful homes, we work with only 12 clients at a time. This lower number allows our dedicated staff the time to give you more focused and individualized attention.

Our treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is holistic in nature. This term is often confusing, but to us it means providing you with evidence-based treatment that simultaneously addresses your unique wellness, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. Not one at a time, but concurrently.



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We Raise the Bar for Other Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

At Harmony Place, we choose to exceed many of the standards set for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. We set extremely high standards for ourselves and we continue to seek out the very best in treatment philosophies. Some additional ways Harmony Place will support you include:

  • Family therapy and extended family support (on-site and via Internet).
  • Continuity of care before, during and after your stay at Harmony Place.
  • Insurance case management. We have years of experience from inside the insurance industry and from the treatment perspective, so we know how to maximize your resources.
  • Sub-acute detox services. If needed for safety, a longer detox may be required prior to being admitted to Harmony Place, and we’re happy to arrange this.
  • Nutrition services and meals based on your preferences and dietary needs.
  • Aftercare coordination and alumni program.
  • Off-site wellness activities, as an important part of supporting recovery skills is learning to enjoy life.

We set the bar to a higher level of care for ourselves, because you deserve the best in a treatment and recovery program. Harmony Place – where science, compassion, confidentiality and courtesy come together for the very best in addiction treatment care.