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The Harmony Promise

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Near Los Angeles California Offering A Full Continuum Of Care

Update on COVID-19 – We are following media updates closely and understand your concerns about the significant impact that Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is having on people and businesses here in California. Please be assured that all of us at Harmony Place are working hard to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among our associates and facilities in order to forestall possible disruptions to access reputable treatment services. We will continue to closely monitor developments and support our clients and communities with important updates on as the situation around COVID-19 evolves.

Beyond Exceptional Addiction and Detox Treatment in Los Angeles, California

Addiction is not a singular event, but rather a progressive disease that worsens over time. It is indiscriminate and destroys the lives of all that follow its path. Residential treatment alone often yields only short-term sobriety and stabilization. Long-term recovery is achieved when there is abstinence from drugs and alcohol, abstinence from addictive behaviors, and recovery of physical, emotional and spiritual health. When recovery starts to feel as natural as a layer of skin, only then is it the healthy lifestyle that will sustain the individual well into the future.

The journey is not an easy one, but long-term recovery is possible.

We promise to provide you with comprehensive, full-service drug treatment in Los Angeles. We care for the individual through detox, residential treatment, outpatient care and transitional living. We have an outstanding Drug Rehab team of experienced professionals that collaborate through all phases of your drug treatment to ensure that you are paving a future apart from the past.

Meet Our Team

Our Care

Our Drug Addiction Recovery Center in Los Angeles CA

At Harmony Place Drug Rehab Center Los Angeles, our emphasis on individual therapy and strong aftercare planning serve to strengthen the opportunity for long-term recovery.

Clients are assigned to a licensed therapist upon admission. At Harmony Place, we view the therapeutic alliance as a valued relationship that provides our clients with a trusted and objective ally in the recovery process.

Traditional talk therapy, group therapy and psychoeducational groups with a curriculum theoretically rooted in the four core concepts of DBT skills training provide the foundation of our clinical philosophy. Integrating evidenced-based therapy with alternative holistic modalities focuses treatment on the whole person, rather than just the addiction, and is an effective resource in determining the meaning of the symptom.

Specialties & Programs

Personalized Addiction Detox & Treatment Programs

Harmony Place offers a full continuum of care at our four Drug addiction treatment facilities in Woodland Hills, California just outside Los Angeles.

Here at Harmony Place you’ll recover in privacy and comfort in every level of care from detox to transitional living. Our licensed treatment providers created our programs with one main goal in mind: helping you find effective, long term recovery with exceptional care. The Harmony Place Drug and Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles Programs include:

  • Sub-Acute Detox
  • Residential Program
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Outpatient Programs
  • Transitional Care
  • Recovery Homes
  • Alumni and Aftercare

The safety & well-being of our clients is our priority.

Update on COVID-19 (Open) – The current global Coronavirus pandemic is of the utmost concern with its high transmission rate and rapid spread throughout the United States and the world. COVID-19 is highly contagious. Any residual contamination, no matter how small, can pose a threat to healthcare workers, patients, their families, and friends. Harmony Place has addressed Covid-19 fears for clients and staff by implementing proactive measures. We utilize existing spray chemical disinfection methods such as the hydrostatic sprayer mentioned here. In addition, we have instituted all County and State mandates on masks, 6 feet distancing, temperature logs, hand washing, face shields, and approved PPE (personal protective equipment) by the CDC.

Harmony Place has put into place a proven state of the art technology by purchasing the Focused Multivector Ultraviolet (FMUV) from XtraLight UV-C high power Ultraviolet Disinfection System. Ultraviolet Light (UV-C) has been demonstrated to be capable of destroying DNA of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa including the coronavirus in hundreds of laboratory studies. (Kowalski 2009, International Ultraviolet Ass. 26 May 2020.)

More recently ultraviolet UV-C lights have been proven to be effective for decontaminating surfaces that may be contaminated by the SARS-COV-2 virus by inducing photodimers in the genomes of microorganisms. The UV-C lighting system is environmentally friendly and chemical-free.


The UVC lighting system, which is used in large hospitals to eliminate contamination and germs, was purchased by Harmony Place specifically to eliminate possible Covid-19 contamination, germs, or bacteria that could be hiding within any room or surface of our treatment houses, outpatient offices, or transition home associated with Harmony Place or Valley Restoration Center. The mechanism is placed in each room, one at a time, and turned on by the engineer wearing safety goggles. It is then left on for approximately 30 minutes with extreme UVC lighting that cannot be viewed by the human eye, as it could ruin the retina. The lighting kills any contamination left behind. This methodology is used in every room in every house and office at least one time per week. Our goal at Harmony Place is to establish a completely safe environment for all clients and staff from any possible health contaminates. Clients need to feel safe and trust staff, their peers, and the environment to do the necessary and challenging work of recovery. Helping clients in reducing the stress caused by the pandemic is another critical element to assist in long-term recovery at Harmony Place.


We utilize a disinfectant and hi-definition maintenance electrostatic spraying system that is safe & effective. The disinfectant process is non-toxic, eco-friendly, fast-acting, and safe, evaporating into the air with a 99.9999% kill-rate on a wide range of harmful bacteria and viruses.


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