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Finding the right treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction is a crucial step on the road to recovery. While California Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) certification ensures a baseline level of quality, California Incidental Medical Services (IMS) certification signifies an additional layer of care that can be essential for your well-being.

About Incidental Medical Services (IMS)

What are Incidental Medical Services (IMS)?

IMS are medical services provided on-site at a treatment facility by a healthcare professional or trained staff under their supervision. These services address medical issues directly related to your detoxification, treatment, and recovery journey.

Why is IMS Certification Important?

While DHCS certification guarantees that a facility is licensed, IMS certification indicates the program can offer a wider range of medical services directly on-site. This can be critical because addiction often comes with co-occurring medical conditions. With IMS certification, you have access to:

  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT): Certain medications can significantly improve treatment outcomes. IMS facilities can provide these medications and monitor your response.
  • Detoxification management: Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be physically challenging. IMS-certified staff can manage withdrawal symptoms and ensure your safety throughout the process.
  • Addressing co-occurring medical conditions: Addiction often co-occurs with mental health issues or chronic illnesses. IMS facilities can provide basic medical care and ensure these conditions are addressed alongside your addiction treatment.

Finding an IMS-Certified Treatment Program

Not all detox facilities hold IMS certification. This means it’s important to specifically seek out a program with this additional credential, to ensure your treatment is as safe and comfortable as possible.

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    Why Joint Commission Certification Matters in Your Search for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

    Another key factor to consider when choosing a treatment facility is whether a facility is accredited by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commision certification signifies that a treatment facility has met rigorous national standards for quality care, safety, and program effectiveness.

    Why Choose a Joint Commision Certified Treatment Facility?

    The Joint Commision accreditation goes beyond basic licensing requirements. Here’s what it means for you:

    • Higher Standards of Care: TJC-certified facilities adhere to strict protocols for patient assessment, treatment planning, and ongoing care. This ensures you receive evidence-based therapies delivered by qualified professionals.
    • Improved Safety: TJC standards encompass patient safety measures, medication management protocols, and infection control procedures. This minimizes risks and promotes a safe, healing environment.
    • Commitment to Quality: TJC accreditation involves regular on-site evaluations. These evaluations ensure the facility continuously strives to improve and deliver the best possible care.

    Finding TJC-Certified Treatment

    TJC certification is voluntary, and most facilities do not submit to these rigorous standards.  The Joint Commission offers a searchable database to locate TJC-accredited treatment facilities. Remember, TJC certification is just one factor to consider. Researching treatment approaches, amenities, and insurance coverage is also important.

    By prioritizing TJC certification alongside your other needs, you can feel confident in choosing a treatment facility that provides the best chance for a successful recovery.

    Next Steps:

    • Research addiction treatment facilities.
    • Inquire about their DHCS , TJC, and IMS certification status.
    • Look for programs that prioritize a holistic approach to healing, integrating medical care alongside addiction treatment.

    Rehab Center in Los Angeles, CA

    Based in the heart of California, the Harmony Place Treatment Center is a renowned facility for drug rehabilitation, an ally for those grappling with substance abuse. Located at 23041 Hatteras St, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, this esteemed Los Angeles rehab facility is at the ready to help those seeking to overcome addiction.
    Prospective patients can find comfort in the knowledge that Harmony Place offers a broad array of services. From residential treatments to outpatient programs, therapy, and other support services, those seeking recovery can be sure they will find a tailored approach to meet their needs.

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