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Safety & Comfort in Recovery

Structured Sober Living in Los Angeles, California

Sober living provides the continued structured care and support clients need following their stay in treatment. Harmony Place offers safe and comfortable sober living in Los Angeles, Ca. for both men and women.

Returning to old environments following treatment can jeopardize the positive changes that were made while in rehab. Following treatment, there may be triggers at home that could cause cravings to use drugs or drink. In most cases, this always results in a relapse.

Fortunately, structured sober living homes are the perfect recovery community for clients to continue to build upon the progress they made while in rehab.

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Men enjoying Sober living Los Angeles.
How Harmony Place Can Help

What is a Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes are a type of housing arrangement that helps people transition into independence following treatment. A structured environment is a place where substance abuse is impossible. Furthermore, it provides a safe place to build upon the life skills you learned while in the treatment center.

Proper accommodation and care are necessities for humans. However, the patient’s environment can trigger the brain during their moments of active addiction. So, it is better to be in a sober living facility than return home. The safe and structured environment eliminates the craving for substance use. The newly sober individual is rarely prepared for all associated stressors that could activate urges, desires, and behaviors that lead to relapse.

Harmony Place can refer you to many sober living homes in the area.

Similarly, the sober living program helps individuals focus on their outpatient treatment goals and prepare them to reunite with their families and communities as sober and productive members.

Sober Living Los Angeles
What you can expect from living in a sober home

The Value of a Structured Sober Living House in Los Angeles

The beginning of your journey to wellness is in the sober living facilities. Outpatient treatment is always the foundation for building self-esteem and confidence. In contrast, transitional living is where clients live with less restriction.

This setting allows clients to use the strategies they learned, discussed, and adopted to stay sober. The recovery process can be over a year, while long-term recovery may require more time.

Patients can extend their treatment time after our 30-day residential program. The focus is to dispense maximum outpatient care to them.

This large house is for clients who have completed their residential treatment program, are ready to change, have been faithful with treatment, and are prepared to achieve long-term sobriety.

Accomodations during Sober Living Los Angeles Accomodations during Sober Living Los Angeles


Sober Living Los Angeles Sober Living Los Angeles

Residential Inpatient

Facilities during Sober Living Los Angeles Facilities during Sober Living Los Angeles


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Transitional Living

How Sober Living Assist The Recovery Process

Transitional Living Within the Larger Continuum of Care

At Harmony Place Sober Living Facility, we’re proud to offer the full continuum of addiction care over a 90-day treatment period. This means clients can progress through detox and residential rehabilitation into outpatient treatment and, ultimately, sober living in LA. Studies have shown that 90 days of addiction treatment dramatically reduces the relapse rate compared to 30-day programs. We refer our clients out to trusted sober living homes nearby.

We view transitional living as more than a transition: It’s a transformation. When transitional living is combined with outpatient treatment, it provides a significant level of stability coming out of residential treatment, yet a little more autonomy and real-world exposure. Clients can even resume some of their work or school responsibilities during this time.

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