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Are There Support Groups for Addiction Recovery?

27 Jan
Over the years, people suffering from alcohol and substance addiction have turned to support groups…

What Are the Symptoms of Cocaine Abuse?

6 Jan
Cocaine addicts usually manifest symptoms that are sometimes misinterpreted for other health proble…

How to Find a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Mission Viejo, CA

20 Dec
Dual diagnosis, also known as co-occurring disorders, refers to the presence of both a mental healt…

Is There Massage Therapy For Addiction?

14 Dec
As a result of several scientific evidence of the benefits of a holistic approach to addiction trea…

How to Get a Family Member Into Drug Rehab

30 Nov
If a loved one is fighting a battle with drug addiction, finding professional help is your number o…

Is There Acupuncture For Addiction?

15 Nov
Overcoming a drug addiction is a difficult journey. To address and overcome substance abuse, people…

Meditation for Addiction Recovery

8 Nov
Holistic therapy, meditation for addiction, is becoming a more integral part of addiction recovery….

History of 12-Step Program for Addiction Recovery

8 Nov
Originated by Alcoholics Anonymous, The 12 steps are the spiritual base for personal recovery from&…

Staying Sober During the Holidays

8 Nov
Once the holiday time rolls around, it’s more susceptible for individuals struggling with substance…

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