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Essential Vitamins For Recovery From Addiction And Alcoholism

Vitamin A

Good for: heart and lung health

Found in: leafy greens, yellow fruits and vegetables, orange fruits and vegetables

Why you need it for recovery: Abusing alcohol damages the heart. Research has found that even a small amount of binge drinking (just 21 times) can damage the heart long term. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse increase the chances of developing high blood pressure and related cardiovascular issues. Drug abuse with amphetamines, methamphetamines, and stimulant drugs can weaken the hard because of the way it makes the heart work so hard. Additionally, opiate abuse slows the heart down, which can also damage the heart over time. Smoking powerful drugs for many years can do damage to the lungs. Many people who abuse alcohol and drugs are also chronic cigarette smokers which can cause lung disease.

Vitamin C

Good for: bone health, skin health, resiliency, immune system health

Found in: citrus fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli

Why you need it for recovery: Everyone gets sick in early recovery because their immune systems have been compromised by long term abuse of drugs and alcohol. Detox and withdrawal can take a toll on the body which weakens the immune system. Healing from recovery means having to heal the body as well as the mind. Vitamin C is essential to staving off viral and bacterial infections as well as giving the body the strength it needs to heal itself. For example, vitamin C is helpful in wound healing. For intravenous users who have developed abscesses, Vitamin C is a good supplement.

Vitamin D

Good for: absorbing calcium, mood, thyroid regulation

Found in: outside, sunshine, or supplements

Why you need it for recovery: Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for elevating mood and regulating the thyroid, which also contributes to overall mood. Depression is a highly co-occurring mental illness with addiction and alcoholism. Symptoms of withdrawal from any substance often include depression and symptoms of depression. Since addiction and alcoholism deplete the brain’s ability to produce dopamine, experiencing pleasure, happiness or joy is difficult.

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