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Just down the street from our residential property, our outpatient treatment facility is home to the same quality of personalized care offered in our residential program. Our team works with clients to remain focused on recovery as they take their first steps toward navigating a sober life outside of residential treatment.

Or maybe your addiction isn’t severe enough to necessitate residential treatment. That’s why our outpatient treatment program for addiction is designed to not only serve individuals who are extending their care beyond residential rehab, but to also provide the option for outpatient services to those who do not require the more structured detox and residential treatment setting.

Levels of Care

Several Levels of Outpatient Care

Outpatient treatment at Harmony Place isn’t one size fits all. We offer several steps of treatment that require incremental levels of attendance from the client. The different levels of outpatient treatment are as follows, starting with the most intensive program:

  1. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  2. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  3. Outpatient Treatment

Partial hospitalization is a strong bridge between the residential and outpatient phases of care. Of the three, PHP requires the most days and hours in treatment within a week. As the client shows more progress, he or she can step down to intensive outpatient treatment and then standard outpatient.

Overall, the outpatient stage is ideal for living outside of a residential rehab environment, but still receiving helpful therapy and education that helps keep relapse at bay.

Specialty Programs

The Goal of Outpatient Treatment

Once you or your loved one has established a foundation for recovery, the next step is to put those adaptive coping strategies for maintaining sobriety into practice in real-life situations.

Outpatient treatment is a vital resource for keeping the client focused on his or her primary goal of long-term recovery. This is why recovery and relapse prevention education continue at this level of care. The more the client understands his or her addiction, including learning how to identify relapse warning signs, the more he or she is likely to continue to be successful in recovery.

Our Outpatient Treatment Methods

Frequently Asked Questions

Outpatient Addiction Treatment FAQs

Surely you have more questions about what’s involved in our outpatient care at Harmony Place. See if we’ve got your answer in one of the frequently asked questions below:

Are your outpatient services solely focused around talk therapy?

Must all clients complete your residential program before beginning outpatient treatment?

Where do I live after I graduate your residential program and transition into outpatient?

Can I work or return to school while in your outpatient program?

Does your treatment end with the outpatient program?

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