Helping Families

Helping Families

Harmony Place Offers Support for Families of Addicts

At Harmony Place, family involvement is core to our approach to helping our clients overcome addiction and achieve lifelong sobriety. No matter what the family’s role was in the individual’s addiction prior to treatment, they need support and education as a part of the healing process.

This is why we approach rehab as a family solution – not just a solution for the individual. We strive to educate our clients’ families on the disease of addiction and to help them assume new roles in their loved ones’ ongoing walk toward sobriety.

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“What is addiction, really? It is a sign, a signal, a symptom of distress. It is a language that tells us about a plight that must be understood.” – Alice Miller

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Family Recovery Support

Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Harmony Place offers family therapy sessions and psychoeducation for family members. If the family isn’t on the same page about their loved one’s recovery at the start of treatment, our goal is to get them there. Family support can be a unifying force to support long-term recovery.

In most cases, trust was lost during the active addiction, so family therapy allows the family unit to begin working on repairing ruptures in relationships and preparing for the client to re-enter the home following treatment.

A primary therapist will work with the family to improve communication and change manipulative patterns of interaction. When appropriate, the therapist will invite the family members to participate in family therapy at the Harmony Place residential facility in Los Angeles County. We also include a weekly Multi-Family Group in the program curriculum to further assist in restoring the family system.

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Family Group Support

Multi-Family Group Sessions

Not only do we offer periodic family therapy sessions at Harmony Place, but our program also includes a weekly Multi-Family Group. We strongly encourage family members to attend as often as they can. These meetings offer families a chance to sit by their loved ones’ side – and among our other clients and families – to learn about the impact of addiction on the individual and on the family.

Family members will learn how to maintain self-care and develop their own support systems during the often-difficult recovery process. These weekly multi-family meetings give family members a chance to stay in touch with their loved ones during treatment while also gaining new knowledge and skills to better support their loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Support for Families of Addicts FAQs

Do you have additional questions about how Harmony Place supports families of addicts or how substance abuse impacts the family? Browse through these frequently asked questions or call to learn more:

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