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10 Reasons to Stay in Therapy After Treatment


Taking an honest look at yourself through a therapy mirror can make a difference in your recovery. Therapy can be voluntary or it can be involuntary depending on your circumstances. However, therapy begins for you, staying in therapy after treatment can help you cross the threshold of long-term recovery.

1. You need support

You were not put on this earth to be alone. There are plenty of means of support, but therapy is all about you and your recovery along with a trusted professional therapist. Take advantage of the support that is readily provided for you.

2. Isolation is dangerous

Being alone and avoiding people is a common trait of addicts. Isolation keeps you from being vulnerable enough to let people in. Going to therapy is a great stride in facing your fears out in the world.

3. Breaking down your barriers

You probably put walls around yourself to protect your addiction. Now that you are sober, breaking down the barriers will open new experiences for you to encounter. A new life of emotional freedom can ensue by eliminating those barriers.

4. An outline of your expectations

Many times, expectations will leave you disappointed and resentful. Outlining and pinpointing these assumptions can minimize fear and resentment that can lead you straight back into your addiction.

5. Going to any lengths to stay sober

It is important to go to any lengths to stay sober to offset how you went to any lengths during your addiction. Therapy can give you the extra component that can make your recovery program come full circle.

6. Cultivates a purpose for your life

Clearing away the emotional baggage with a therapist can be a daunting experience, but it is necessary to have meaningful therapy breakthroughs to open you up as a blank canvas. These experiences are relevant in cultivating a purpose in your life.

7. A safe place to process your emotions

A good therapist will give you a safe environment to put all your emotions out there and process what they mean. The therapist can then walk you through how to deal with coping with stressful situations in your life ongoing.

8. Therapy is something you can do for yourself

You may have been told that you were selfish while you were out there using, but therapy is a great way to do something for yourself. Not only does it help you personally but it makes you more useful to the people around you.

9. Helps you have more clarity

Having more clarity in an already chaotic world can make a huge difference in your therapy. Clarity can be achieved by participating in therapeutic activities that can make you willing to see what happened in your addiction and what you need to do to keep going in your sobriety.

10. Therapy can be effective

Finding therapy can be beneficial in your recovery program. A personal therapist can help you dig deep into your past to pull out hindering experiences to prevent relapse.

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